2 Unexpected Events on Mill Ave

For many of us, we’ve been on break from Friday Night urbanevangie, some at different times then others. However, Mill Ave was just as we left it and none of us seemed to miss a beat. After getting warmed up in a few one-to-ones, Jonathan started off the air war with a solid gospel presentation, “Are you BAD enough to be a Christian.”

Micheal Greco approached the mic and shared his usual testimony (4 DUI’s, etc) and mixed in a comical use of STDs as an attack on the stupidity of a one night shack up, which turned some heads to say the least. He also spoke out against homosexuality and stopped a group of angry pass-by-ers in their tracks. One of whom, who was apparently not that offend, decided to lay aside her ethical differences to propose. To her dismay he rejected her offer.

Jonathan’s standing on our street corner, minding his own business, when a group of approx 30 people surround him. One thug lookin’ guy starts freestyle rapping at Jon and he decides to bits the bate. Ephrem, I and the rest of the crowd just stood there in some what of a shock as this clean cut white guy raps the gospel; even I didn’t know he had it in him. We later found out that Jon made it into a DVD called “Revolutionary Alien.” If we find the footage we’ll post it!

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