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We  have several resources we use and recommend while witnessing. Some of these may include tracks, church invites, mini books of John and  mini “For your Joy,” books. If you have any ideas or resources you like using please post your ideas. Thank you and God Bless!

1- Gospel Tracks: We use several different types of  tracks; here is one example. As you can see this is a fake million dollar bill , with President Obama’s face on it.  On the back a short gospel message is provided. We use these just about anywhere. You can hand them out to large groups on campuses, events and outings or more simply give it to the person who rings you up at the grocery store. We order these tracks from the Living Waters website. 90% of people will take one if offered. Simply say “Here you go!” or ask ” Did you get one yet?”obama-million

2- Church invite: This next picture is a simple church invite. We use these after having one on one conversations. Generally we give these to Christians who do not have or are looking for a home church. They are also great to give to  an unbeliever who is receptive or  has the  desire to attend a church.connect card

3- Book of John: This next image is a mini Book of John from the bible. It’s my personal favorite because it is fundamentally a great place to start in the bible. If you are  out witnessing you definitely don’t want to just hand these out to everyone. Because, odds are they are just going to wind up in the garbage. We give them to people who  are receptive after having a conversation about Jesus. We may give it to someone who have a desire to learn or even skeptics who simply don’t know where to start. You can get them for free on pocket power’s  website ; the ministry simply asks for a donation/coverage for the shipping costs.spread-pjesvrays0306_sm

4- For your Joy-This is another evangelistic mini book. It addresses several key questions about God that really anyone would like an answer to. Like the books of John, you probably don’t want to hand these to every person you encounter. This works well with  people who are receptive yet sceptical  or newly saved. You can obtain these for a pretty fare price at Piper’s website.


Below is an informational video on using gospel tracks to start a conversation.

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