Oooohhh! First Fridays…


Just some of the Madness at First Fridays (not us)

Last night, we headed out with a team of about 10 people; toFirst Fridays,” (an arts  fair)in downtown Phoenix. Our team included two new faces (Angie and Josh from Praxis) who were both quite humble, yet bold and eager to witness. 16763_316295055275_764855275_9642101_1738662_nWalter and Scotty B started up the night strong, speaking on the mic regarding the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.While Scotty was on the mic he noticed an acquaintance listening in the crowd. He asked the gentleman to come to the mic and share his testimony. Not only did this man share his incredible testimony of deliverance from various addictions( including drugs and alcohol) and nearly loosing his life, but he continued to preach on several bible verses and even rapped the gospel for us! This drew in a crowd of about 40 people; which continued to grow as the night went on at which point we all rotated the mic around. Throughout the course of the night several hundred people  heard at least a glimpse of the gospel !

16763_316295035275_764855275_9642099_5395169_nMia and David were still going strong after conversing and debating one to one with several teenagers, atheists, and homosexuals. They were each able to pray with a few unexpected on lookers. Mia also got up on the mic for the FIRST time! I guess she didn’t have much of a choice being that Scotty B announced to a crowd of about fifty that she would be coming up to the mic to give a few words.

Just when the night was wrapping up our friends the “resistance,” aka the secular free thought society showed up, including Kazz, Rocco and Kaylee. We conversed with them here and there, holding a few short debate sessions. Now I gotta harp on them a bit here because I love them all but,  they didn’t exactly bring their A-game. Kazz tried to prove that Jesus was actually evil, because he told a fig tree to wither.  I would like to thank Kazz  for enlightening me; before I thought Jesus was trying to show us a universal truth. Now I know that he’s actually a cruel, fig tree murderer.  Josh did get to go over and have a pretty nice conversation with Kazz and  I felt Scotty and Walter both acted respectful and wise in that they conversed with the atheist while also attending to the crowd and continuing to deliver the gospel.16763_316295045275_764855275_9642100_336427_n

Although we evangies like to joke around and tend not to take ourselves too seriously we  are passionate regarding the message of the gospel.I would therefore like to end on a bit of a serious note. While I was standing in the crowd last night, I looked over at some skeptics. I was reminded of when Ezekial was in the I valley of dry bones( Ezekial 37:1-14)God commanded Ezekial to speak life over the dry bones; in order to show who God Almighty was! The Lord knows that those dry bones, those living in sin, those lost, may have life in him. When Ezekial prophesied life over the bones, they STOOD UP on their feet and became an army. That is our prayer, that the unsaved may know that Jesus is Lord(Rom 10:9) and that we may not loose hope when all we see is dried up, lost bones.

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  1. Kazz

    I don’t believe I said that Jesus was evil, I was simply contradicting your statement that Jesus *only* did good things. I would consider some of the actions attributed to Jesus in the Bible to be “evil” though, even if I would prefer other words like unnecessary, spiteful and cruel.

    A couple of examples are when Jesus sends evil spirits into 2,000 pigs causing them go run into the sea and drown (which also would probably be theft and destruction of someone’s swine herd, assuming that there wasn’t a herd of 2,000 wild pigs running around Jesus and Friends), and the withering of the fig tree.

    I understand the symbolism of the fig tree, as apparently does Matthew (Matthew 21:18-22), however Mark (Mark 11:12-26) does not seem to understand what the story he is copying is supposed to mean. He changes it so that rather than being a metaphor for Israel, the fig tree is just a fig tree (and not even in season!) and Jesus kills it just because it didn’t have fruit for him when he was hungry.

    If you need more evidence that Jesus was not “all good” or “perfect” then I’m sure I could dig up some more for you, but I think that is more than enough to prove that according to the accounts written in the gospels that Christianity relies on today (and has relied on for most of its history), Jesus was not all good.

  2. Emily

    Forgive me if I misquoted you Kazz, I thought that was exactly what you said but I could look back at the video; as I certainly could be wrong!! I’m really sorry if I did misquote you!

    I’m confused about your discrepancy between the passages, though. Both passages show that although something had the appearance of bearing fruit it was not. As well as Jesus’ entry and cleansing of the temple as you mentioned.

    Two different writers, same story. Neither contradict the other. Matthew speaks of the event in a very specific way, where as Mark is more general and chronological.

    God came looking for spiritual fruitfulness among his covenant people in Isreal….except there was none haha. Jesus is merely looking for some true fruit and righteousness within the center of the Jewish Nation as well as in the practices of his people.

    I can’t find much imperfection or lack of goodness there.

    See ya soon.

  3. dlcjonathan

    your arguments are moral arguments – By what authority do you make the claims that those 2 acts are evil? What standard?

    1. None of Jesus’ enemies accused him of being evil – if they had evidence don’t you think they would have used that against him?

    2. James (his brother, who died for his faith) would know first hand if Jesus was evil – Who james die for something he knew was a fake?

    3. No documents in early church history shows this argument of Jesus lake of piety.

    4. And finally, If what your saying is true and Jesus is evil then what does that make you?

    thanks for commenting!

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