Girls first time street preaching

The Tempe Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park featured more than forty national, regional, and local acts on multiple stages. This event was an awesome opportunity to evangelize!!! The Gospel was delivered through the mic to hundreds of people while entering the festival and/or buying tickets and passed out 1,000+ tracks. An older gentleman, who fell away from the faith for some time, prayed with Michael who was able to share the Gospel with him. Phil and myself spoke with two girls that night that heard the true gospel in its entirety for the first time. They were very concerned about their eternal destiny and showed signs of repentance.

Missy also delivered the gospel via mic for the first time to a crowd of people. It’s pretty classic, she brought  it as her hair blew viciously in the wind and a few guys call her a  “hater,” and claimed she has “no love!”

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