Team goes Downtown to preach from rocks!

Marcus witnesses to a group of teens

Marcus witnesses to a group of teens

This past Friday we headed down to First Friday’s, in downtown Phoenix. First Fridays is a self guided, out door art walk; to be precise its the largest outdoor art walk in the nation:). Our night began as three teenage boys walked up to some of our trivia/and IQ test posters, to try their luck. They all failed miserably[lol] which  gave me a great chance to speak to them about how our perceptions fool us, at times. Perhaps you are reading this today and you are confident that there is no God. Or perhaps you believe you are with out a doubt going to Heaven based on your good life and the things you have done. Scripture reveals to us that our heart deceives us and at times… we miss the obvious. We miss facts that linger in front of our faces. The only way we can get into Heaven is through Jesus, Christ(Acts 4:12). Jesus Christ accomplished everything on the cross!( Here is a great sermon by Mark Driscoll on that concept, if anyone is interested. I strongly recommend it!). All that to say Marcus was able to share the gospel with the three teenagers and they ended up sticking around the entire night(about 3 hours), listening to the preachers and talking one on one with some other people that were with us.

Dante preaching from the rocks

Dante preaching from the rocks

Since it seemed to be a success last First Friday’s, we decided to preach from the rocks again(see images to the left & below). Do to the randomness of someone with a microphone on top of a rock, a crowd was formed  each time a new speaker went up, throughout the course of the night. Dante, preached for the FIRST TIME, open air! He presented the gospel in a very clear manner and after was able to speak to several people one to one regarding the things he had said.  Through the guys open air presentation and Jennifer’s reading of scripture, three different people approached me for prayer. Thankfully, I was able to pray over them and break down their misconceptions of the gospel and who Jesus is and is not!

Jon and Macrus preaching from the rocks

Jon and Marcus preaching from the rocks

The question mic was quite product this night as well. People asked the type of questions that we dream of answering, Haha. Such as “How can I be saved,”what does it take to get to Heaven?,” and “does Jesus require perfection?” Luckily we were able to answer the questions, while many stood by.  We  explained as individuals listened attentively to  our responses.Through one of the guys open air presentation I was approached by a Muslim couple. They were very confused by the message and did not understand how salvation could possible be free.

Crowd listening

Crowd listening

Now of course Muslims do believe in Jesus. However, they do not believe he/is was God. Rather, they think he was simply a Profit of God. I was able to point  them to specific scriptures, which shows Jesus was in fact God. Regardless of what scripture says they were weary, but there was still hope:)! Since Muslims also believe that Moses was a Profit of God, we were able to agree that in scripture Moses gave instructions to Israel to shed the blood of a “spotless,” lamb. Killing a spotless animal was meant to bring a temporary penance for the sin the people of Israel had committed.  Once they agreed, I was able to share with them that Jesus was the “Lamb of God,” who provided atonement eternally for the sins of the entire world. I gave the couple a book of John and they agreed to read it and learn about the life of Jesus through the claims of the bible.

Jonathan witnessing
Jonathan witnessing

I leave you with a quote from Daniel Webster. He said this just minuets before he died. I find it to be beautiful, and true:)  “The great mystery is Jesus Christ—the gospel. What would the condition of any of us be if we had not the hope of immortality? . . . Thank God, the gospel of Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light.”

Love you guys,


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  1. Amerist

    Are those the same rocks as are in front of the Scientology holdings on Roosevelt that the Anonymous vs. Scientology protesters often crowd around wearing their V for Vendetta masks on?

  2. Emily

    Yes, same rocks:)

  3. Amerist

    Good to hear they’re getting some use. Those rocks have been a mainstay of that corner and don’t do much more than provide a particular strange sort of landscaping to separate the parking lot from the sidewalk.

    Perhaps I’ll be able to get out there next month and see everyone standing on them.

  4. Emily

    Haha! Yes, they really are quite random huh? Please so, we should be there after 8pm-on:)

  5. Cara

    will you pray for my pastor he is sick

  6. Emily

    Yes, Cara of course we will pray! :)

  7. Ed Mailey

    I not good at speak english just want to write your blog really did help. Thank you. If you learn more information could you kindly forward it to my email or is this way I be told automaticaly when you update? Thank you sir

  8. Emily

    Ed! I am glad we could help:) And yes I will email you in the future. We will be updating the blog within the next few weeks as well with more tips, resources and testimonies:)
    Be Blessed.

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