Team shares gospel with Russian man, at Tempe Art Festival

The streets of  Mill Avenue appeared a bit bare as we arrived at our regular stomping grounds last Friday. The streets had been blocked off from traffic, as the annual art festival was taking place. The night was slow moving at first until a brigade of belly dancers and bongo drummers arrived. They were representing a local dance studio, and because they put on quite a show a crowd was quickly formed. This worked to our advantage because many people stuck around to talk after the performance was over.

Drummer spice up the night at the Art Festival

Drummers spice up the night at the Art Festival

We entered into a long conversation with a man named Draggon, from Russia. When I first asked Draggon if he believed in Jesus and of he  believed he was going to Heaven, he said “OF COURSE!” Rather enthusiastically, I might add. When I asked him why he believed he was going to Heaven he replied quite seriously,” Well, I am from Russia. I was taught we are good, strong people. Therefore, I go to Heaven.” I asked him if he mined if I took him through the good person test. He agreed.After I took him through a few of God’s commandments(Exodus 20 ) he looked shocked. ” I’m really in trouble huh?”He asked me. I awared him that I was just as guilty as he was and then went on to describe who Jesus was and what he accomplished on the cross. “Wow,I know nothing about Jesus. I really need to learn.”I gave him a book of John in order that he could learn about Jesus and invited him to bible study. Hopefully we see Draggon again soon.:)

Marty(middle) speaks with some out of towners on Mill  Ave

Marty(middle) speaks with some out of towners on Mill Ave

As we wrapped the conversation up with Draggon an older man walked by with his brother. I asked him if I could share the gospel with him. He agreed but about half way through the conversation became quite angry. ” You actually belive this garbage don’t you?” He shouted in my face. As his brother attempted to pull him away, he basically chewed me out for about 10 minuets. As he wrapped up his fit of rage I asked him if I could just share one thing with him.“WHAT? What could YOU possibly want to say to ME? Sure go ahead say IT!” He said, expecting me to bite back at his arguments.”Sir, I just want you to know that what Jesus did on the cross was sufficient.”I told him. Immediately his tone of voice and body language changed.” Seriously? That’s what you wanted to tell me. Okay,then.” He said  softly, with a big smile as he walked off. I pray the simple yet truthful words stay with him. :)

Gotta love the police detention verhcle, permenetly stationed on Mill Ave during the weekends!

Gotta love the police detention vehicle, permanently stationed on Mill Ave during the weekends!

There are several other testimonies that occurred through out the course of the nigh,t but instead of sharing those I would like to bring your attention to the message of Good Friday. As I compose this post it is  actually Good Friday. Perhaps you are asking yourself what is so good about Good Friday? Isn’t that when Jesus was killed or something? Yes it is. It is when Jesus died in your place. It is when Jesus Christ became the FINAL sacrifice for the sins of the world. This is good news because He who knew NO sin(Jesus) became sin, FOR YOU. There was and is nothing you could do to atone for your sin.  He died in your place so that you could be set free.  Today you can look towards Jesus and turn from your sin. He then promises to make you a new creation. He will completely cleanse you of your sin and will remember your past sins no more. How amazing! We all have baggage.  Everybody wants a fresh start, right?

Jesus Christ died, was buried and three days later miraculously rose from the dead, PROOVIONG THAT HE WAS GOD!  I encourage you to read the account of Jesus’ Crucifixion in Luke chapter 23. Happy Good Friday and Easter, on behalf of Emily and the entire urbanevangie crew:)


Breeanne, Christy and me(from left) pose with our gospel tracks

From left:Breeanne, Christy and me, pose with some gospel tracks

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree”—

Galatians 3:13

God Bless you:)

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