Spanish gentleman drawn in by the message of the Cross

While Jonathan was preaching on Friday, a Spanish gentleman who barely understood English was drawn to what Jonathan was saying. Figures, the only person drawn to Jonathan is someone who dosent speak the same language! Just kidding!  Intrigued, the man went over to Jessica and Adam(who speak Spanish) and inquired about what Jonathan was saying. They translated the gospel for the man in Spanish, and gave him a Spanish book of John. He was excited to read it and will be meeting up with Jessica and Adam this week. The plan is to help get him plugged into a Spanish church.

Walter also delivered the gospel via mic for the first time tonight! Soon after preaching, he spoke to a very receptive catholic man who realized he had been living a lie. The man feared if he died today, he may go to Hell. The man prayed with Walter as he desired to get right before his Savior.

Scotty B,  David Barr, Jessica Maynard, Jen Coombe,  and Joshua Jolley(many of who go to Soverign Grace Church)  ALL also spoke to receptive individuals this evening! WOAH!  The gospel is going out, and people are believing it! AMEN!

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  1. Sannie

    Hi Jarrid, well i follow you on twettir, Facebook and everywhere you are because everything you’ve done, everything you say is really helpful for me in my life as a Young Jesus follower, and for the ministry i am, I translate many of your articles and i share them with my group, we work with youth and young people at church and like I told you before everything here is really helpful. I’m from Argentina so sorry for my english ! God bless you!!! (:

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