Ravi Zacharias – FULL Speech

For those who missed Ravi’s Speech at ASU on October 28th, here is the audio recording. thanks to Brian Cox and his portable voice recorder.

Let me know If you would like the other speakers from this event such as Michael Ramsden or Dr. John Lennox’s audio recordings, we have them too.

You can also Download it HERE

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  1. Vocab

    I would love to hear the other audio!

  2. scottyb

    me as well

  3. dlcjonathan

    K i should have them up by friday…ill keep you posted.

  4. Tony

    dlcjonathan – Can you please put up the speeches from John Lennox and Michael Ramsden? I have been looking everywhere for them! Thank you!

  5. Tadiboina

    1. I do feel that Hawking overshoots the mark in terms of some of his stnmteeats. He often overreaches, but I guess that’s the nature of genius. I stand by my opinion that science and religion are good at describing the natural and supernatural respectively, but offer poor anwsers when explaining the opposing side.2. Ravi Zacharias in quoting intelligent design and Aristotelian / Thomistic unmoved movers makes no more case for the Abrahamic deity than for Deism. You simply can’t get from something caused it to therefore it was god to therefore it was an interventionist personal anthropomorphic deity to therefore it was Jesus . Sorry, you’ve got to fill the gaps with special pleading and ultimately you may as well put anything you like in the gaps. Certainly many have before him. Conjecture is conjecture. Once we get into evolution, Zacharias’ ID sophistry will start to unravel.3. Lennox seems to have a rather anthropocentric worldview from what I’ve seen. His discussion with Steve Novella revealed a lot of this. Particularly his misconceptions around the brain and personal identity (asserting that consciousness is something other than neural functioning). I’d be interested to know what his conception of a soul is. On the whole I’d say that he’s one of the more coherent theist protagonists, but he seems to fall into the same trap as Zacharias of wanting to give an explanation to the unknown in order to avoid the unconfortable conclusion of I don’t know. It’s much easier to shoehorn your definition of God into the gaps. Dissonance is something the human mind isn’t comfortable with.4. Lennox also seems to use the argument ad populum for science and chrisitanity particularly poorly. Ultimately, one has to be very careful when defering to consensus. He got caught out a bit in the Novella debate on that. The eastern thought vs western thought hypothesis seems fraught with a few basic flawed premises:- The assumption that major western scientists and thinkers were Christian (not the case for Newton; Einstein was at best deist, the list goes on)- One also needs to look at what other cultures influenced western thought. Islamic and Eastern systems being early contemporaries.- One also needn’t stop at saying that humanity’s greatest academic achievements only came about after the Christian epoch. Without Graeco-Roman, Babylonian and Egyptian thought, I don’t see us being where we are today.- Attributional bias is also a problem. It’s pure speculation that ideology of the supernatural led to modern scientific progress. There’s loads of other factors which could be correlated to the same outcome. Pirates and global warming anyone? One could flip the argument on its head by saying that mankind’s conception of God is ultimately an echo of it’s own values. Hence a Newtonian grand architect preceded a Victorian imperialist patriarch which preceded a postmodern personal saviour. The closer we move up Maslow’s heirarchy, the closer our god starts to resemble our greatest need. It started with physical providence and protection and will end with globalised self-actualisation.

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