Rapture Awkwardness

More than likely, if you are reading his blog post you realise it is June. Which means, you may also realise that “THE RAPTURE,” did not actually occur on May, 21. “Yeah! What was up with that whole thing, “ you may be asking yourself.

Urbanevangie & Tempe Life Church were out on Mill, the night of May 21…Shocking, I know! Now, if you’ve ever been to Mill Avenue you know it’s undeniably a “unique”  place, lol. However, Mill was in exceptionally RARE FORM, to say the least, on that evening. Some of the common phrases we heard yelled through  the streets was the frantic,” THE RAPTURE IS COMING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE,” the catchy” It’s the end of the world as we know it,” and the charming ” It’s the end of the world, let’s get wastedddddd!”

Many people approched us either mocking the rapture claims, or fearful for their lives. We made sure each person knew that God himself said that no man knows the day or  hour, Jesus will return. Which means, in the future when you see a billboard with a “rapture calendar,”you can immediately toss that date into the ” Jesus will DEFINETLY NOT be returning on this day,” pile. The bible says that Jesus will come like a thief in the night; suddenly and when we do not expect. We can not escape meeting God face to face. Frightened? Don’t be!!!  In Romans 10: 13 we read that anyone who calls on Jesus, will be saved.  Facing Jesus, is inevitable. Going to Hell is not. Jesus does not want to send anyone to Hell. He came to this Earth to seek and save the lost(us).

As Jonathan was on the mic sharing the gospel, 4 men stood by listening. Three of the men tugged on their friends shirt, as they wanted to leave. “No man! I’m listening, this guys the real deal,”One of hte listeners said. After much convincing he talked his friends into staying. The men began listening more intently and eventually approached us to thank us[continually]. The man who wanted to stay told us he was a  Christian but none of his friends are. He shared he had been trying  desperately to articulate what Jonathan had  shared for years, but it never seemed to come out right.  More the likely he was articulating the gospel just fine but it finally clicked in their minds on this particular night .:)

There is so much to share from this night but I will end with a big hip-hip-HORAY moment! A particular gentleman hung around the area we were most of the night.  He listened intently, to Jonathan and the other guys who shared on the mic. When David and Lindi approached him,  he agreed with the things they shared about Jesus. However he questioned how long it would take to metaphorically”pay off debt.”He admitted to taking part in his fair share of  sin(that’s the “debt”).. Upon hearing this we immediately sent him away in disgust. Haha, I’m kidding. David explained that Jesus already went to the cross to pay the FULL debt of our sins. Jesus said it is finished! The man desired to know Jesus on a personal level and ached for forgiveness, for his past. The team joined him in prayer as he asked Jesus for salvation. :)


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