Preaching at the Nations Largest art walk!

Me(right) after wittnessing to a girl who thanked me for the "good news."

Me(right) after witnessing to a girl who thanked me for the "good news."

Hand fulls of interesting and questionable characters set up shop this past Friday at “First

This Parot was able to repeat the Gospel back to us!

This Parrot was able to repeat the Gospel back to us…which was almost as humorous as the fact that he was wearing a miniature sweater.

Fridays” (the nations largest self guided art walk). Myself…apparently being one of those characters, as I rolled up as a solo act- woman street preacher, with all the equipment, bibles and tracks haha( everyone else  joined me shortly after). I asked a cop to watch out for me until the evangie men arrived; he kindly agreed.:)

Right off the bat I was fortunate enough to enter into conversation with a group of gay couples. The main consensus was, that they were “cool,” with God…they “appreciated” Him. I was able to speak with them about what it means to “deny yourself and take up your cross.” I told them they had a choice to make. They needed to choose to forsake themselves, the idolatress of their relationships and follow Jesus. Or else, choose NOT to follow God. There is no in between. They were choosing to “follow,” a God that they had created in their heads. Which I am sure we have all been guilty of at one time or another; creating a God in our own image, to suit our own desires. A God that is not just; a God that lets unrepentant people into Heaven. They realized that was a made up God. “So, if we choose to not change our lifestyle, God will not be in the picture? “ They asked, rather concerned.  “Sort of. God will still obviously exist. But you will actively be choosing to not follow or submit to him. I urge you to  turn from your sin and accept Gods offer of forgiveness I appealed to  them.  “Know that I know who the real God is I’m not sure if I am ready to follow him yet. But, at least I wouldn’t follow a fake God anymore,”one member of the couple stated.

Group of teenagers listening to preachers.

Group of teenagers listening to preachers.

Shortly after this, Marcus found me and I joined up with them. Jeremy( a friend of Marcus), came to First Fridays sporting a gorilla costume. He spoke on behalf of Charles Darwin, making all sorts of silly points about the case for evolution(he did this to show the illegitimacy of the theory) and once a crowd was formed he began preaching on creation and the gospel. People really enjoyed this, and listened attentively…however it was short lived. He had to take his costume off because two men went over and seemed to be harassing him. It was hard for Jeremy to see, so for his protection he removed the costume. I was really inspired by the person who preached on the mic next…Jeremy and Tish’s  14 year old son!!! He was passionate and clear on the mic and therefore  drew a small crowd of teenagers to listen to the entirely of his message. Once finished, David was able to converse and witness to the group of teens.

Jono and Scotty preaching from the rock

Jono and Scotty preaching from the rock

crowd listening

crowd listening

Shortly after this Jonathan and Scotty B arrived. Jonathan decided it might be a good idea to preach on top of a few five foot rocks, that were beside the sidewalk we were stationed at. Jonathan jumped up on the rock where it was visible for many to see him. “Hey guys if you could just gather around real quick,..” Jonathan said. And for some reason…everyone listened. Haha, it was great! About 50+ people immediately walked over and stayed for the duration of Jonathan and Scotty’s schpeel. People attentively listened and responded to the guys…both positively and negatively. [ LoL] By the time they were wrapping up there were probably over 100 people in the crowd. Jonathan spoke  regarding having an advocate(Jesus); and having someone(JESUS) pay the  fine; for your sin. Come on… why would we not want that? How could we not accept such an offer?! And Scotty unpacked a few verses of Mark and spoke about faith, the legitimacy of the gospel, and then some.

David and Omri speak to some people in the crowds.

David and Omri speak to some people in the crowds.

The night ended as we were completely owned… Two separate men brought arguments to myself, Marcus and Walty regarding Jesus’ birthday not being on December 25th. Therefore the bible is not legitimate[sigh]… Haha, I kid…that is what happened but we were able to aware them that no where in the bible does it list December 25th at the actual birth of Christ. Scholars have maintained several different theories; the most popular being that since the bible refers to his birth occurring during lambing season, that perhaps this meant Spring. One gentleman thanked us for the clear up, but the other seemed more provoked at our simple response. “The bible is  not REAL! It has been disproved by other books!” He shouted. I asked him what sources/books he was referring to calmly, in order to clear up his confusion.  However,  he proceeded to respond to my question with another question… “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He yelled. ” WHO  IS JESUS?” He yelled louder into my ear.[ By the way I have to shout out to Marcus and Scotty for backing me up and making sure I was protected during this time!]  The mans wife tried to pull him away as I responded to his question.  Marcus was able to  speak with him  very briefly about the legitimacy of the bible and how it has proven itself to be true. This marked 10pm, so we had to  shut off our amplification…we finished up a few conversations and then headed to Mill for round two.

Round two on Mill…to be continued:) Sneak peak highlight pics below!

Girl converses with preachers as her friend poses with excitment

Girl converses with preachers as her friend poses with excitment



Marcus and Phil pray for "the joker."

Marcus and Phil pray for "the joker."


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9 Responses to Preaching at the Nations Largest art walk!

  1. UFC_Walter

    Haha… You didn’t tell me about the parrott LOL!

  2. Eddie Cross

    Sounds so cool! I wish I could be in two places at once…near the church at our table, and down there with you guys!!!

    I love the parrot in a sweater. :)

  3. Emily

    Thanks Eddie! You’ll have to make it out to Mill one of these days! Leave a comment about a testimony of your guys night tho…i know you had a ton!!!:)

  4. Eddie Cross

    As we talked about, the topic of homosexuality came up several times throughout the night (by both homosexuals and heterosexuals). We were able to be loving and honest about how the Lord views that sort of conduct, and it seemed that those we spoke with understood and appreciated our gentleness in speaking the truth.

    One man was actually with his partner while Vocab was talking with him. I came in on the end of the conversation, but after Vocab shared some of practical consequences of the lifestyle (loneliness, depression, huge amount of partners, feeling used and unsatisfied, higher suicide rates, etc), the man was nodding his head and agreeing with him, tearing up a bit. I think that the Lord really spoke to his heart at that moment.

    Just one little story!

  5. Emily

    AMEN! Thanks so much for sharing Eddie:)

  6. Tish

    Emily – Hi there! Marcus told me that you’d mentioned Jeremy & Joshua on your blog so I had to check it out. We were so bummed that Jeremy had to remove the Gospel Gorilla suit :( Normally he’s able to really flip the switch to show how absurd evolution is & how silly it is to resist our Creator, then get to the Gospel presentation. Like you, I am also inspired by my precious 14 year old son. Joshua is our gift from God that keeps on giving! The Lord has used him mightily to impact our own evangelism efforts. Thanks for the kind words about both my husband & my son. May the Lord bless & keep you. In Christ’s Love – Tish

  7. Emily

    None the less, a few people congregated and heard all of his message, both the evolution portiion and the gospel presentaion. I was able to converse with a few people after that had listened to the entirety of his presentation.:) It was nice, because they were defintly sceptical but his argument put things in perspective in a lighthearted but very real way! I loved it, it was unique and effective:)

    My jaw dropped when Joshua was preaching! And it was such a tool to draw in those teens who perhaps wouldnt have listened if one of us were on the mic. His boldness and willingness and desire to bring truth was inspiring.

    May God continually bless you and your whole family! You guys are awesome! I hope to work with you guys doing evangelism again soon:)

  8. -s

    i like the pic of the dudes preaching on the rock-reminds of this verse:

    The stone that the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone.
    This is the LORD’s doing;
    it is marvelous in our eyes.

  9. Tish

    Thanks Emily! We, too, look forward to evangelizing with you again soon. It’s always so encouraging to know that we are fellow workers in the Lord’s field – I look forward to eternity with Jesus when we can see the entire harvest of the saved of all time. May the Lord bless & keep you :) In Christ’s Love – Tish

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