Preaching at the largest Secular University, in the Nation!

Myself, and Jonathan; ready with our tracts and trivia:)

Myself, and Jonathan; ready with our tracts and trivia:)

A few of us were able to get onto ASU to do a little outreach during this past week. In general many people were open to conversing and learning about the gospel. We spoke to a diverse number of people. Some, who had at one time of their life professed Christ, yet had fallen away from the faith. Others, included Mormons, Muslims and one man who was Hindu. The personalities types included those who were indifferent, seeking out truth, crying out for justice or yearning to be accepted. For the most part our time consisted of handed out gospel tracts and one to one conversations. However, Walter and Jonathan both did take part in a little open air.

Ephrem, Walter and Jonathan, sharing the gospel.

Ephrem, Walter and Jonathan, sharing the gospel.

Ephrem entered into a great conversation with a man who professed to be a Mormon. Eventually both Jonathan, and Walter got involved in the conversation. The three men tried to show the man, through love, patience, and boldness how Mormonism presents a false gospel. Here’s why…A Mormon may often use the word Salvation and describe Jesus as their Savior. However, Mormonism presents a different Jesus. And a different definition of the word “salvation.” Mormons believe that they must empty themselves completely of sin, become completely perfect and then and only then will  they meet the requirements to go to Heaven. However, the true gospel of Jesus Christ(through the bible) states that we can never be perfect. Only one was perfect, JESUS CHRIST! So, yes we are to forsake our sins and turn to Christ as the bible commands of us. However, we are to trust in Christ’ perfect, not our own self righteousness, because that does not exist. Every privilege in Mormonism is conditioned on their worthiness through their perfection  and performance, rather then the work of Christ. We wouldn’t get into the other funky doctrines that they have.

None of us have met God’s requirement of perfection to get into Heaven. That is why we need an advocate, someone who was perfect and bore our sin for us. If you are a Christian and have friends who are Mormon, or find yourself in a conversation with a LDS individual, it is so important to speak this truth with love;point them toward scripture which shows they are mistaken. Be sure that it is evident you are concerned for them, not concerned about being right. If you are a Mormon reading this know that you can only receive perfection through the work of Jesus Christ alone, not your good works. Isaiah 64:6 tells us our good works are lie fitly rags before God; we can not get ourselves into Heaven. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,  I would personally  love to speak with you.

The conversation that guys had with the Mormon gentleman on campus seemed to go in never ending circles. However, through the conversation the man realized some dead ends existed in the religion. I thought all three of the guys( Ephrem, Jonathan, and Walter) brought something different to the conversation. They did a wonderful job correcting the man in love, showing a true concern for the mans eternity.

Ephrem witnesing to ASU student

Ephrem witnessing to ASU student

Ephrem also spoke with a Hindu man  for a good 30 minuets. Right away, the man identified some questions regarding his religion. He described that in recent years he feel away from his faith. He knew that “something,” has to be true about this world and that “a God,” must exist. He desired to find out those answers. Ephrem will actually be meeting up with the man later on this week. :) The man said that if Ephrem gave him a bible he would definitely read it and pray !

I spoke with a girl for a while who expressed that the only reason she wouldn’t whole heatedly follow Jesus, was because she desired to be excepted. She said she studied the bible and attended Catholic church for a  number of years. When she was old enough to enter social circles, it wasn’t exactly ” cool,” to be a Christian. She therefore kept an open mind about everything; and has since never exactly expressed opinions about anything. She said because she has no bias about anything, she has been able to make many more friends. Thankfully she had finished class for the day so she was able to sit and speak with me for some time. I was able to share John 6:37 with her. This verse says that whomever comes to Jesus, he will never cast away. Christ’s love is unlike any love(good or bad) we can ever get out of this world! Thankfully, the verse I shared with her made her smile.  She agreed to read the book of John again after years of not reading her bible.

Jonathan conducts trivia questions with a group of students.

Jonathan conducts trivia questions with a group of students.

The guys were able to do a bit of open air in the “free speak,” zone. The guys were able to draw in the attention of skeptics by sharing  stories of their “mess ups!” Walter spoke about an extreme fail before he was a Christian. He spoke about sin and its consequences. Why is their evil in the world you say? Why does lame stuff happen? Well, sin! Walter spoke about livin the dream, partying it up, and after a drunken night waking up to find his wallet and car had been stolen. Good news…his car was found! The bad news…it was found in a lake! Jonathan, was also able to share a fail about before he was a Christian. He told a story about his mother finding his pot pipe. He was addicted to marijuana prior to  getting saved. He was able to tell a story and how his addiction and emptiness eventually lead to crying out to God and forsaking everything, including the drugs (watch below).

Through their open air a man approached Walter hoping to find a church to attend. The two men exchanged contact and hopefully he will be attending church this upcoming weekend(Feel free to join us at Desert Life Church, Praxis Church, or Roosevelt Community).
A few women(and Eddie!) laugh along with Jonathan as he shares a humerous part of his testimony

A few women(and Eddie!) laugh along with Jonathan as he shares a humorous part of his testimony

Share Jesus at a campus near you! You would be surprised how many are open to discussing the gospel, and how many have NEVER heard the true gospel through scripture/the bible. Thanks for checking out our blog and feel free to let us know you were here with a comment:)

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  1. Superman

    Good thing you didn’t fall off the roof, you could have seriously gotten hurt. Also, marijuanna is only for aids patients and for people with guacomole in their eyes, but aside from a doctor’s orders it is dumb, dangerous, and also illegal. Expect the max, you will get caught, cops are cracking down on that criminal behaviour!

  2. Superman

    Be glad you live in America son, if this was ancient Isreal you would have been stoned to death by your parents for being a juvenile delinquent. But, me being the excellent 13th disciple of Jesus, I can tell you this:

    Romans 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

    Ergo you don’t have to be stoned by your parents because you don’t live in a place of non-American injustice, such as in ancient Isreal. In fact, Christ gives you a little loophole there whereby you can consider family to be your governing authority instead of the US state government, assuming the state government doesn’t catch you first.

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