Jesus, heckling, and flashings! nuff…said.

Yesterday was Halloween Eve and like any other Holiday on Mill Avenue, it was reason  for people to party even harder then usual. People of all different shapes and sizes came out sporting their character of choice.
Among my personal favorites were White Goodman(Dodgeball) and a man dressed as an elderly woman; moon walking with his walker. IMG_1862

We set up a “question,” mic where people from the crowd  could ask us questions via mic or dialogue with us. This seemed to be fairly fruitful. Of course you have the common jokers that shout obscenities but for the most part we did have people asking a lot of descent questions. Through that David, Walter and Ephrem were all able speak to many of  the microphone questioners, off the mic and even had the opportunity to pray with them.
We did  have one girl give Jonathan some helpful advice. While he was preaching she got on the mic and quite confidently expressed that she thought he was rather attractive and he could probably get a descent girlfriend if he stopped ruining peoples lives! Little did she know that Jonathan’s future wife is easily the most amazing woman on the planet…haha  kidding,  but I think she was a bit embarrassed after meeting me. Whats funny about her statement though is at that point I believe Jon was speaking directly about Jesus and why he died for us. Which to me seems rather encouraging! That’s not  life ruining news, its life SAVING news!!
While Walter was preaching a young man continued to shout at him because he didn’t know a specific bible verse; and declared that Walter would surely burn in Hell right beside Jonathan.


At two different times of the night the guys got flashed by two different girls that were either happy or unhappy with the message we were bringing…we couldn’t quite figure out their reasoning haha. Miraculously, all the male members of the team were able to close their eyes in the midst of the act, while maintaining their preaching!
The guys were truly persevering despite all the craziness and distractions of the night but I decided to give them a break and get on the mic…well try at least! I got up and stated talking a bit about Acts 17:30, which reads ” the times of ignorance God has overlooked but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”
Needless to say I found myself rather distracted with all the madness! I did however hear one gentleman  say “waaaaaaaaaaait, THE GIRL got up, lets stay.” So despite my scattered brain, If nothing more I hope those two guys heard that God is the good and righteous judge and way that we can escape Hell is through Jesus.

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  1. scottyb

    this is good

  2. Linda Morris

    Thanks to Scotty B I saw your link. I think what y’all did for Halloween was way more interesting than watching drunk people doing the chicken dance at Wurstfest in TX. lol!

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