Preachers can be witty too!

Friday January 8, 2010

Sometimes it seems the conversations get harder as another week passes.  Peoples hearts seem colder and they seem to care less and less about truth. Despite that God always seems to encourage us one way or another. As Walter and Jonathan began the night by rotating on the mic a man walked up to us…You have the atheist with the upside down cross on one corner, two Christians(some out of town preachers) fighting everyone in site on the next corner… and then there is you guys. I like you guys! You guys stick to the point, talk about Jesus, I will stay and listen to you guys,” He said.   After a while the man had to go but asked for a few tracks.  “I think I understand your guys message but let me go home , read the track and  “take it all in.”

Jon and David witness and prayer for a man

Jon and David witness and prayer for a man

David and Jonathan spent a good portion of their night speaking to a young man they met. The man claimed to be christian and a “minister of the Lord.” He continually justified his actions and couldn’t seem to stay on one topic, but nonetheless by the end of the conversation he admitted he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and wanted out of his life style of bondage. Jonathan and David were able to pray with him after about 45 mins of discussion.

Celebrtity trivia! People love this one.

Celebrtity trivia! People love this one.

Many people took part in trivia throughout the course of the night. Through

Jonathan administers some trivia:)

Jonathan administers some trivia:)

the trivia I was able  to speak to a lot of people regarding their perceptions of who God is. I have come to the conclusion that most people fall into one of two categories. Either they think they know God and they are “all good,” with him, or they claim no God exists. Most people will agree to that general belief system when asked. Throughout the course of the night I was able to get people out of that deceptive way of thinking and simply share the gospel with them. [If you don’t understand why that way of thinking is deceptive if you do not truly  know Jesus, please feel free to comment/ ask about that! ]

Phil, Marcus and the gang were also out there bringing it. Phil  recently had a  basketball injury and had a cane to help aid his walking.  He unfortunately suffered a bit of persecution as some girl kicked him knocking his cane over...who does that? Yet another girl tried to kiss Marcus as he was preaching haha! Marcus definitely gets the award of persevering through the most uncomfortable situation!

Walter  closing out the night on the mic

Walter closing out the night on the mic

Walter devoted a portion of the night to speak on Sodom and Gomorrah(Ezekiel 16).  It was not necessarily the common message regarding the two, but rather he spoke on mistreating the poor, oppressed and needy.  He spoke on  ignoring the need for social justice and how that is sinful. A few people gathered while Walter began discussing  how society often times suppresses truth because  truth is often an unpopular message. As he continued on to discuss censorship and freedom of speak a man yelled out from the crowd “But you are preaching at all these poor people that don’t want to hear it…. Wait can I say something?” The man asked. “NOOO!” Walter shouted. The man laughed, as he understood the joke Walter was making. He realized he was using  irony to deny him use of the mic. Walter and the man began conversing back and forth. It was very lighthearted, witty, and humorous. People began stopping as they noticed the quirky situation which almost appeared to be a stand-up routine.Walter was able to tie the conversation into his next segment of preaching. He discussed how Jesus was actually quite funny himself. Jesus was invited to celebrations as the Pharisees of course were not. Walter ended the evening by challenging the man to preach from Matthew 5 regarding social justice. The crowd laughed. Though the man who conversed and joked with Walter didn’t show any signs of repentance; our hope is he walked away with a track and actually read it due to the fact that he his conversation with Walter was rather fun and witty. In the least he probably walked away saying ” hey that preacher wasn’t so bad after all.”:)

New rotating text sign!:) It certainly grabbed peoples attention:)

New rotating text sign! Defintly caught peoples attention.

Stay tuned for our next update regarding one of our craziest nights on Mill ever!!!

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