Nearly asaulted at Pheonix Suns game

During February and March we went to preach at most of the Phoenix Suns home games. We waited until people began leaving the event and Jonathan, Phil Ballmaier,  and Ken Fleck began delivering the gospel open air, and trying to get people to converse with them via mic. A couple thousand people heard at least a snippet of the gospel while walking by. Phil definitely got the award for the best perseverer. He continued to preach despite individuals yelling literally an inch away from his face, girls tugging at his clothing,  at least four people trying to rip the mic out of his hand and a guy running off with his signs. Luckily Ken was not wiling to part with his “Jesus is Lord,” cross-sign so he sprinted after the thieves to re-claim his cross!

If you want a bit more thrill in your life become an evangelist. There is never a dull moment.

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