Discouragement, debate and getting mooned!

One-to-ones littered our Urban Outfitters corner throughout the rather slowish Friday night. Conversations quickly arose either through a peaked interest in the tracts or board on-lookers wanting to stop for a chat. Phil, mixing things up a bit, started off the air war with the everlasting Gospel which included an intro with a joke (Scotty would of been proud).

The “resistance,”was also out that night. The resistance is a group of athiest that come to Mill to counter Christians. Vocab conversed with a few of them over the mic, followed by Walter, who spent a considerable amount of time debating over all things God.

Walter (left)  Joe (right)

Walter (left) Joe (right)

Random Unexpected Experience: Phil is fearlessly proclaiming the gospel, when two overly enthusiastic drunk guys drop their shorts to show off their matching speedos. Phil, although shock I’m sure, pays no attention to the mayhem around him and continues on unfazed.

The perseverance of each person at last night’s mill evangie session was most definitely an encouragement. I saw genuine hearts in love with the person of Jesus that wanted to be out there; not under compulsion. May we continually worship God through the words that proceed out our mouths.

“Let us not grow wear in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9

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