Here’s what most people don’t get: It’s actually a diss to call Jesus a “good teacher.” It’s kind of like calling the Pacific Ocean a “puddle.” Or saying Mount Everest is “a hill.” Or saying that the sun is “warm.”

Jesus was no doubt an incredible teacher in addition to his unparalleled diversity of perfections as the ultimate prophet, priest, and king. However, to simply view Jesus as a good teacher is to misrepresent him. He is the eternal son of God who became a man to reveal the ultimate glory (importance and weightiness) of God to His own creation, and to destroy Satan, Sin, and Death without destroying us. When Jesus taught, people didn’t just think He was a good teacher, they were absolutely astonished. They marveled at Him. When Jesus taught, thousands of people crowded around Him, straining to hear and see Him. He wasn’t just smart and funny; he was perfect.
If ever there was a celebrity, it was Jesus. That is not to say everyone agreed with Him- He confronted and/or offended just about everyone who heard Him. He ticked off every single political group of His day. He undermined the authority of the doctrinaire religious leaders and exposed the hypocrisy of the wealthy elite. He made the religious experts look like fools. He won the hearts of the poor and the disenfranchised. He healed the sick and defended the weak. He demonstrated His divinity and supernatural powers by many great miracles, culminating in the resurrection that proved He was both Lord and Christ.
Jesus was “the talk of the town.” He would have been on all the tabloids, Oprah, Maury, The Daly Show, The Today Show, Larry King, Meet the Press, etc. When people saw the miracles that Jesus performed and believed in Him, they were never the same again. How could they be? He was the promised messiah, the fulfillment of Torah in human form. People longed to be like Jesus, because His righteousness was qualitatively superior to all. He caused people to thirst for righteousness in ways that all the patriarchs and prophets could not. As image bearers of God, we hate injustice and iniquity, yet it scandalizes us when we detect it within our hearts. To be cleansed by our maker Himself is the only vindication that ultimately matters. Only Jesus can give us that desire to be sanctified through the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus earned the right to redeem us to Himself. He has washed us with his blood.
Jesus demands that you worship Him. Responding to Jesus with anything less than extravagant worship is proof that you don’t get it and you still think He’s just a “good teacher.”

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  1. Superman

    Jesus taught me how to jump over tall buildings and to bend steel with my bare hands too, in fact I was the 13th disciple.

  2. dlcjonathan

    i know St. James was thrown off a building but haven’t met any disciples that could bend steel. Impressive to say the least, what was it like hanging with peter?

  3. cara kiser

    I am asking you if I can go with you some time and go preaching with you and to past out trackets

  4. Superman

    Peter really rocked, but one time I had to help him escape from jail.

  5. Emily

    Yes, Cara! We would love for you to come pass out tracts with us. You were a wonderful helper last time you did it with us.

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