Sceptic to beliving... Drugs to Jesus!

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God, salamanders and Mill Ave hoopla!

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Art, bizarre beliefs and sweaters?

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Jesus served constantly and compassionately

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Ironman for Jesus!

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Street Preachin Loooove and Marriage!

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Evangie crew is full throttle in Tempe!

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Team goes Downtown to preach from rocks!

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Marcus witnesses to a group of teens

Marcus witnesses to a group of teens

This past Friday we headed down to First Friday’s, in downtown Phoenix. First Fridays is a self guided, out door art walk; to be precise its the largest outdoor art walk in the nation:). Our night began as three teenage boys walked up to some of our trivia/and IQ test posters, to try their luck. They all failed miserably[lol] which  gave me a great chance to speak to them about how our perceptions fool us, at times. Perhaps you are reading this today and you are confident that there is no God. Or perhaps you believe you are with out a doubt going to Heaven based on your good life and the things you have done. Scripture reveals to us that our heart deceives us and at times… we miss the obvious. We miss facts that linger in front of our faces. The only way we can get into Heaven is through Jesus, Christ(Acts 4:12). Jesus Christ accomplished everything on the cross!( Here is a great sermon by Mark Driscoll on that concept, if anyone is interested. I strongly recommend it!). All that to say Marcus was able to share the gospel with the three teenagers and they ended up sticking around the entire night(about 3 hours), listening to the preachers and talking one on one with some other people that were with us.

Dante preaching from the rocks

Dante preaching from the rocks

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Not your typical abortion video

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This sweet, 12 year old girl delivered this speak on abortion to her 7th grade class. This  young girls boldness has encouraged and inspired me:) She includes some vital information, covering all crowds. She even refers to special cases such as abortion, incest, ect., She gives the statistical percentage for those cases: only 1% are special cases, Nation wide. Please take a few minuets to watch the entire video.

Looking for scientific, philosophical and or biblical proof for the “case for life?” Please refer to:http:

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A Message of Hate? Or Love?

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and i thought sign guys don't smile...

and i thought sign guys don't smile…

As I(Jonathan) was leaving an ASU game I once had a guy scream in my face, “You’re Lost, you’re going to HELL!!!!” He had a huge sign with a list of sins(liars, fornicators, Hip-Hoppers, feminists, dancers, ect.) and he would say this to as many people as he could. I thought to myself this guys is doing more harm then good. I’m sure we’ve all had a face to face encounter with a “Hell Fire/Sign Guy Street Preacher.”

Sign Guys come in all shapes and sizes. Their message mainly consists of judgments, insults and condemnation–with no clear explanation of the gospel. We call it a “condemnation without cause message.” (thanks to Steve at, he was a big help in me understanding more about this issue) This is a problem because unbelievers who walk by have no idea why they should stop sinning, why God will judge them in Hell, and why Jesus died for them.

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Jesus is Lord of the Wine!

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Evangie crew, as well  a few people we witnessed to on Mill Avenue

Evangie crew, as well a few people we witnessed to on Mill Avenue

When you were a child, you didn’t necessarily need that talk from your Mother or your kindergarten teacher about “lieing is bad,” did you? Your heart/conscience already told you it was wrong. It just didn’t feel right.  You didn’t need government authorities to tell you you couldn’t end someones life because you got upset or angry. However, at some point in our life( usually early on) we find a hole in the system. We realize we can do something that requires punishment and get away with it. You do not need a preacher or Christian to tell you the difference between right or wrong but perhaps you may need a reminder of God’s perfect standard. Our sin will find us out; don’t hide your sin from God. he is all knowing. Confess it to him, turn from that sin and allow Him to cleanse you. Be encouraged, while you were yet a sinner, Jesus Christ willingly laid his life down for you.

Jonathan shares testimony, with marijuana prop

Jonathan shares testimony, with marijuana prop

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Prayer, tears and joy on Mill Avenue!

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Micheal Grecco prays with two men he met on Mill.

Micheal Grecco prays with two men he met on Mill.

We had a  heafty number of people come out evangelising on  Mill Avenue this past Friday night; including Jonathan, Walter, Micheal, Eddie, David, Scotty, Vocab, Marcus, Phil, and me(Emily):) [Team is seeking much needed evangie women, to witness to all the ladies out there! Join us:)] The night was truly filled with blessing after blessing. We received many contacts of people interested in attending church or bible study in the near future.There was a lot of grace while the “preachers,” were on the mic, as far as not getting interrupted and no one too upset by the message.

Walter began the night by preaching on the mic. As always, he used a clever  analogy. He spoke about the eyes of Jesus being undefiled. Jesus does not grade on a  curve! He demands perfection to enter the Kingdom of God. Being that he is the only perfect one, we must turn to him and not to ourselves! At this time Micheal Grecco met an x- Associate Pastor who had been yearning for some time, to get his life back on track. Tonight would be his night! After speaking with Micheal for a good hour, he seemed to commit his life fresh to the Lord!

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