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Spanish gentleman drawn in by the message of the Cross

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While Jonathan was preaching on Friday, a Spanish gentleman who barely understood English was drawn to what Jonathan was saying. Figures, the only person drawn to Jonathan is someone who dosent speak the same language! Just kidding!  Intrigued, the man went over to Jessica and Adam(who speak Spanish) and inquired about what Jonathan was saying. They translated the gospel for the man in Spanish, and gave him a Spanish book of John. He was excited to read it and will be meeting up with Jessica and Adam this week. The plan is to help get him plugged into a Spanish church.

Walter also delivered the gospel via mic for the first time tonight! Soon after preaching, he spoke to a very receptive catholic man who realized he had been living a lie. The man feared if he died today, he may go to Hell. The man prayed with Walter as he desired to get right before his Savior.

Scotty B,  David Barr, Jessica Maynard, Jen Coombe,  and Joshua Jolley(many of who go to Soverign Grace Church)  ALL also spoke to receptive individuals this evening! WOAH!  The gospel is going out, and people are believing it! AMEN!


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Ruth and Faven Surafel came out to Mill Ave for their first time on Friday! Although they expressed nervousness beforehand, their zeal was the only thing evident as they each passed out tons of tracks and got into several conversations. One of which was a conversation where they prayed for three backslidden Christians, who expressed a desire to get back on God’s path and get out of the world.

Ephrem  W. was also out that night and spoke to an X-Mormon who had turned Agnostic. After listening to Ephrem, he received the gospel message through conviction and repentance. They prayed together and will be meeting up this week.

God is gooooooood and ALWAYS faithful. Don’t be afraid to step out in faith. He WILL move on your behalf!

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Guy leaves Hooters convicted after girls preach

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With all the rage and attention the mic was getting, Missy and I decided it was time to get over our fears, step out in faith and bring the Hell -Fire!  We decided to go out for a trial and error run on a Sunday  night…just in case we said anything blasphemous, haha! We assumed no one would be out since it was a Sunday evening.  As we both preached a few times open air, it seemed just as we expected.  However, we later found out that a gentleman was listened to us from the balcony of Hooters. He felt convicted after hearing our message and ended up leaving Hooters. Hell fire

Girls first time street preaching

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The Tempe Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park featured more than forty national, regional, and local acts on multiple stages. This event was an awesome opportunity to evangelize!!! The Gospel was delivered through the mic to hundreds of people while entering the festival and/or buying tickets and passed out 1,000+ tracks. An older gentleman, who fell away from the faith for some time, prayed with Michael who was able to share the Gospel with him. Phil and myself spoke with two girls that night that heard the true gospel in its entirety for the first time. They were very concerned about their eternal destiny and showed signs of repentance.

Missy also delivered the gospel via mic for the first time to a crowd of people. It’s pretty classic, she brought  it as her hair blew viciously in the wind and a few guys call her a  “hater,” and claimed she has “no love!”

Nearly asaulted at Pheonix Suns game

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During February and March we went to preach at most of the Phoenix Suns home games. We waited until people began leaving the event and Jonathan, Phil Ballmaier,  and Ken Fleck began delivering the gospel open air, and trying to get people to converse with them via mic. A couple thousand people heard at least a snippet of the gospel while walking by. Phil definitely got the award for the best perseverer. He continued to preach despite individuals yelling literally an inch away from his face, girls tugging at his clothing,  at least four people trying to rip the mic out of his hand and a guy running off with his signs. Luckily Ken was not wiling to part with his “Jesus is Lord,” cross-sign so he sprinted after the thieves to re-claim his cross!

If you want a bit more thrill in your life become an evangelist. There is never a dull moment.