Sceptic to beliving... Drugs to Jesus!

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God, salamanders and Mill Ave hoopla!

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Black Friday excitement on Mill Ave

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Jonathan poses with a man, who was grateful after hearing the gospel

The streets of Mill Avenue were packed this past Friday,  as it was the Eve of the rivalry game(ASU v UofA). As we got ready to get the night rolling, a very angry,  antagonistic  young lady came storming over yelling, what seemed like as loud as she could. However, we would soon find out that she could yell and curse a whole lot louder then we anticipated! Within a matter of about 5 minuets a crowd of nearly 50 people congregated…OOohhh, so  that’s all it takes to draw a crowd?

Jonathan began asking the young lady a few questions and shared the the gospel .  In communicating, she seemed to take a lot of irrelevant rabbit trails. Jonathan, however attempted to answer and  continued to  break down her misconceptions of who Jesus was, and then took her through the good person test. The good person test takes the person through a few of the 10 commandments. It shows us that we have broken God’s law and need a way out of Hell; which is through Jesus’ atonement!!! At this time Marcus and Jennifer walked up and expressed that they has a pretty similar conversation with her last week;  where she was just as angry.

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Useful resources for outreach

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We  have several resources we use and recommend while witnessing. Some of these may include tracks, church invites, mini books of John and  mini “For your Joy,” books. If you have any ideas or resources you like using please post your ideas. Thank you and God Bless!

1- Gospel Tracks: We use several different types of  tracks; here is one example. As you can see this is a fake million dollar bill , with President Obama’s face on it.  On the back a short gospel message is provided. We use these just about anywhere. You can hand them out to large groups on campuses, events and outings or more simply give it to the person who rings you up at the grocery store. We order these tracks from the Living Waters website. 90% of people will take one if offered. Simply say “Here you go!” or ask ” Did you get one yet?”obama-million

2- Church invite: This next picture is a simple church invite. We use these after having one on one conversations. Generally we give these to Christians who do not have or are looking for a home church. They are also great to give to  an unbeliever who is receptive or  has the  desire to attend a church.connect card

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Man confesses to murder while witnessing…what now?

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This past Friday night we went to Mill Avenue with our new King of Pop Micheal Jackson tracks. Now we really never know what to expect,  when we go witnessing, especially to Mill Avenue. Usually something outrageous happens as you could probably tell by our blog… but I don’t think any of of foresaw what this night had in store for us.
Man tries to identify celebrities on one of our signs.
David and Walter didn’t waste any time and quickly got into some conversations about Jesus. Christy, Jason and myself were handing out the MJ tracks, which were a huge hit. In the meantime Jonathan was up on the mic sharing the gospel as a thugish looking gentleman came up to the question mic. Troubled, he began asking questions about what the bible says about guilt. Jonathan answered with a Piper quote saying,” guilt is to the soul what pain is to the body.” Essentially, leading to the main point that sin defiles us and causes us to feel shame. However, God desires to cleanse us from our sin( 1 John 1:9). Jonathan, eventually got off the mic and began talking to the guy one to one on the side. The overall vibe of the thug was “I’m a bad man and want to get my life back together.” Jonathan continued to share the gospel, talk about forgiveness and then the two prayed together.

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“How will God respond to Atheism & Richard Dawkins?”

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I’m getting a lot of comments by atheist on this video. Thought I would  share it on the blog. It has some really funny parts.

“The Lord is my Shepherd”-says Pagan Atheist?

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Filled up on rockstar and deliciously nutritious beef jerkey,  we hit the streets ready to go strong.  Before we were even able to put out belongings down two local homeless atheist( Troll and Rain) ran up to us shouting, “If you are preachers, you better go home RIGHT NOW because we refuse to have you preach this crap on OUR TURF.” They expressed that they were pagans( Ha, I’ve never heard someone call them self a pagan before!) and would do anything they could to distract us, and get people away from our madness. As we began speaking with them they became progressively more and more livid. Ephrem saved the day as he swooped in and asked if he could take them to dinner. Upon their return, from dinner,  Rain told me that she was utterly impressed with Ephrem. Her and Troll teamed up on him, striving to do whatever it took to test and shake his faith. “But it just didn’t work! He’s our friend now!” She marveled.                                                                                           

Evangie crew with our athiest friends, Troll and Rain (left)

Evangie crew with our athiest friends, Troll and Rain (left).

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