Freestyle rapping the gospel

In late March of 09, Mia Korecky decided to step into evangelism on Mill Avenue.  A bit fearful, she first decided to observe from the side and perhaps hand out a track or two. However, it seemed at though the Lord had other plans for Mia. She quickly got over her fear, and began talking with people. I think she talked to more people then then entire team combined together that night. Once she stepped out in faith God really blessed her conversations and she left feeling encouraged and ready to preach some more!!!

That same night we met Walter Benatti  for the first time. ( A local Christian who had been looking for some co-laborers to preach with). We also met with  some gospel rappers from Roosevelt Community, Grace Bible and a few other local churches. We had a crowd of about 30 people to watch the guys freestyle rap the gospel. We also had Vocab Malone debate the atheist group; with a fairly large group of people.All in all, a pretty stellar night! Check out the video!

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