Guy gets a much needed wake up call

Last february, Micheal Grecco came to Mill for the first time. He spent a few preparing to come out  by means of prayer, getting in the word and Kirk Cameron’s “They Way of The Master ,” training course.  Micheal and myself  spent about thirty minuets speaking to a collage age student named Kyle. He was not very receptive at first and simply thanked us for the conversation. He said he had his own notions of who or what God was. He said he would like to speak with us again however, so we exchanged contact information. I received an email from him later that week. Kyle expressed that since having the conversation about Jesus he had kept continually getting awakened throughout the night thinking about the message we had spoken to him. He said he “believed the conversation we had at Mill avenue was “God ordained,” and they he felt we were sent there to serve as a wake up call. Phil open airing

The second week Micheal came to Mill Avenue he felt led to preach the gospel open air. Nervous but feeling prepared, Micheal got up on the mic not exactly  knowing what to expect. He began talking about Jesus and calling people to repentance. By the time he was finished he had a crowd of about twenty people listening to him.

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