Man confesses to murder while witnessing…what now?

This past Friday night we went to Mill Avenue with our new King of Pop Micheal Jackson tracks. Now we really never know what to expect,  when we go witnessing, especially to Mill Avenue. Usually something outrageous happens as you could probably tell by our blog… but I don’t think any of of foresaw what this night had in store for us.
Man tries to identify celebrities on one of our signs.
David and Walter didn’t waste any time and quickly got into some conversations about Jesus. Christy, Jason and myself were handing out the MJ tracks, which were a huge hit. In the meantime Jonathan was up on the mic sharing the gospel as a thugish looking gentleman came up to the question mic. Troubled, he began asking questions about what the bible says about guilt. Jonathan answered with a Piper quote saying,” guilt is to the soul what pain is to the body.” Essentially, leading to the main point that sin defiles us and causes us to feel shame. However, God desires to cleanse us from our sin( 1 John 1:9). Jonathan, eventually got off the mic and began talking to the guy one to one on the side. The overall vibe of the thug was “I’m a bad man and want to get my life back together.” Jonathan continued to share the gospel, talk about forgiveness and then the two prayed together.

Jonathan preaching by all our signs.
The thug was not done yet.  Jonathan could tell he wanted to get something more off his chest. He ended up admitting to killing two people. Jonathan remained calm and tried to get more information only to find out that no one knew and he was never caught. Although he felt guilt the man didn’t seem to understand what this truly entailed. “So, you are a murderer?” Jonathan expressed calmly, trying to get him to understand. Then it clicked. Jonathan went through what murderers deserve; which is death. Taking ones life, condemns and requires judgment. Again he went back to the gospel and expressed that  Jesus was not a murderer but he was murdered. “He provided blood on the cross in order that you may be forgiven”(Eph 1:7) Jonathan explained to him.
Now bear in mind that while killing someone is considered a heinous crime according to the law. But, acording to  Matt 5 :21-22, if you have ever been angry with anyone you have committed murder in your heart. So we are no different then this man. None the less, when we receive information like that it is serious and we do not operate on matters of confidentiality. It is a sin, much like any other sin that may receive forgiveness, but it is also a legal matter. Jonathan, continued to remain calm but was of course shocked as a million questions were racing through his mind. ” What do I do next? What would be wise? Do I build a relationship with this man? Encourage him to turn himself in? Do I go straight to the police right now? etc,.
There was really not choice at this point, we had to turn him in. This is where it gets good, haha…After praying, Jonathan went to the police and told them the news. Unfazed the cop said ” People say that all the time, he was probably just drunk.” Jonathan assured him this was no joking matter. So, the cops went  and handcuff him, but let him go as the gentleman naturally denied the whole thing. Which goes back to the confidentiality matter. He assumed he could confide in Jonathan and his case would then be dismissed. Now we understand you can not just arrest someone on the side of the road; it was Jon’s word against the other mans, but seriously? Now, we are earnestly  grateful for the Tempe cops, but umm really?They couldn’t have investigated further, fingerprints, looked at records of an un-caught double homicide back in July, SOMETHING? Wonderful, now the man knows we turned him in but he didn’t get arrested. We prayed for protection and then flagged down two bike cops. We told them the story and simply asked them to stick around for a bit in case our safety became threatened. They gladly agreed but not even forty seconds later the cops had vanished. Seriously? Monstrous job on side of the police tonight!
Walter corresponding with other local evangelists.
A bit alarmed we felt it would be wise to wrap up the night. Jonathan went over to pray with a young guy named Alex who I had spent a while of the night conversing with. He prayed for Alex and when he opened his eyes AHHHHHH, the thug was standing right in front of his face. I looked over and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I quickly looked around to identify the nearest cop as well as plugged 911 into my phone and was ready to hit the call button at any moment. The man looking very nervous, as he rocked back in forth trying to quietly intimidate Jonathan. “That’s messed up man!” The guy uttered with disappointment. Jonathan conveyed to the man that he was simply doing what was right. He  informed him that before he was saved he had committed theft and had turned himself in. He said it would all work out for good and he ought to do the right thing. Jonathan walked away as I  nervously I tugged on Walter, to get the heck in the car immediately! Unaware of what was going on Walter took a great interest in organizing the car properly. “Guys I don’t think there is room for all of us. Emily, want me to just take you first and come back? Jon how did you fit this sign in the car?” Walter inquired. “WALTER. Make it work. Everyone get in the car.” Jonathan responded. We all squished in and enlightened Walter;  “THAT’S THE GUY!”  Phhheeewww, we made it home safe! Please pray for our further protection!
Have a great Thanksgiving all! If anyone has a good idea for a busy black Friday location to witness at, please comment!

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11 Responses to Man confesses to murder while witnessing…what now?

  1. sb

    arizona mills mall p.s. i got a special deal on kevlar jackets through the army navy surplus store let me know…

  2. Kenya Alu

    Wow! That is insane! Did you talk with him about turning himself in prior to turning him in? Maybe then he would have felt like he had some control over the situation. In the meantime, Alessandro and I will pray for your continued protection. The Lord will bless you for the work you are doing. Maybe the Lord will work on the man’s heart and he will ultimately go to the police.
    Shame on the police department for a job poorly done!

  3. dlcjonathan

    During our conversation i really didn’t know what to do. I focused more on the gospel hoping that if his heart changed he would make the decision on his own but he really gave me no choice. The vibe i got was he had no plans of turning himself in.

  4. Jeff Reiman

    Is that really our responsibility? Does God require us to turn people in or is there some legal responsibility for turning someone in based on what they say they’ve done? I could understand if you had witnessed the murders. Sounds like this man needed some time for the Holy Spirit to work on him. I really don’t know what to think about this.

  5. dlcjonathan

    There are many cases where child molesters would confess their sins to priests and the priests would do nothing. There are many men who commit adultly and tell pastors thinking they wont have to tell their wife’s. Whenever a party is sinned against there must be confession and repentance, with a crime this serious the right thing to do is bring it to the light. My heart went out to him and in all honesty he will have plenty of time for the holy spirit to work on him in prison. One day he’ll realize it was all part of God’s plan to draw him to himself.

  6. Jeff Reiman

    Thanks! That’s an insightful answer. I want to figure out what to do as much as I can ahead of time, unless this is one of those situations where one just needs to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit at the time. Sooner or later, I’m sure I’ll run into the same type of situation.

  7. anonymous

    The verss today on your blog is very appropriate: “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” – Jesus, Matt 10:27

  8. Jessica

    Wow! My heart jumped out of me a few times during this story. I’m so glad God protected you guys. Praying it up.

  9. Emily

    Thank you Jessica! We willingly accept prayer covering! We are out there every Friday if you should happen to remember and want to pray.

  10. Anita Fuentes

    Wow, that is CRAZY!


    GABRIEL says:
    OCTOBER 21,2011 at 1;20 pm
    As a street preacher myself for over 12 years in south florida I had the the same experience with a man who was involved with “santeria”. While sharing the Gospel with him, he told me straight out that he had killed two men with his bear hands.He could not concieve of the fact that GOD could ever forgive him! It was a sad situation because the man was so decieved… Anyhow ANITA I just wanted to commend you in your faithful service unto our LORD JESUS. you truly are an inspiration even to the soldier’s who are most on fire for the things pertaining to the kingdom. Continue to fight the good fight of faith in the power of the holy spirit to the glory of GOD. FOREVERMORE… AMEN

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