Love is in the Air

Man converses with Jonathan

Man converses with Jonathan as on lookers try to make sense of what he was talking about.

Love was certainly in the air this past Friday night on  Mill avenue; as sets of couples

This picture preety much summed up their personalities.

This picture pretty much summed up their personalities.

walked by, hand in hand for Valentienes weekend.  Our night began as a Valentinesless man  walked up to us, making several wildly inappropriate comments, to the women of the evangie team. After his attention was diverted away from the females, he began shouting bits and pieces of various scriptures into the mic, talking about his heart attack/surgery and interrupting anyone who asked a question or wanted to speak via the question mic. He was not angry, or yelling at us, he  just wanting to be heard.  Nonetheless, Jonathan tried to stay focused on the  mic, adhering to the man with respect, while trying to continue his message, as others were listening. Out friend Eddie, from Roosevelt community  came out witnessing with us and  was eventually able to divert the man’s attention over to him. He sat down and spoke with the man for quite a while. Thanks to Eddie, the night was able to get much more productive!  Marcus, Phil and Jennifer came by just in time to see the tale end of the humorous show, the shouting man was putting on.


Girl speaks on question mic

Girl speaks on question mic

Jonathan was able to display symbolism of God’s grace as he administered the “good person,” test

Man shakes Jonathan's hand and asks for prayer, afer listening ot him preach.

Man shakes Jonathan's hand and asks for prayer, afer listening to him preach.

 to a brave teenager. Jonathan told the man that if he answered correctly he would give him $2.00(throw money into the picture and your crowd will instantly triple in size haha). Although the man failed miserably and admitted he was a  liar a  thief and an adulter at heart, Jonathan still gave him the money. He then went on to speak to the test taker and his friends, about God’s grace and unmerited favor. A young woman approached the mic next, with her husband by her side. She  asked if she could also take the good person test. However, once finished she professed to us that she was already a Christian and thanked us for our time. Before leaving she pulled me aside and told me the reason she stayed was for her husband. She expressed to me that her husband was not a believer, and she was. She stayed with hopes of him listening to the preachers..he did:)

Group of teens try their luck at the "good person," test.

Group of teens try their luck at the "good person," test.

Jonathan continued his preaching of Jesus by asking the crowd a simple question;”Who wouldn’t want an advocate? Someone to pay your fine? That’s what Jesus did!” Suddenly a man who was seemingly friends with the other yelling man( the man who  began our night) ran over. The man was instantly enraged quoting scripture while dropping several F bombs at Jonathan. It was quite a bizarre mix. He continued to declare some various facts about Jesus, to Jonathan and then to the crowd. His remarks were for the most part true…we were just not quite sure why he was so enraged. After cussing Jonathan out he ran over to the bus stop doing several pull ups.The point of this? Perhaps to show his strength/intimidate Jonathan…aka roid rage! The man truly acted as if he was on steroids, as he quickly bolted back to Jonathan who tried to remain calm and reason with the man gently. After some time this began working. Shortly after Phil  stepped in and calmed his anger. By the end of their discussion he hugged all of us and even stuck around to listen to us preach the remainder of the night. Thank you Phil!

Phil prays with an "out of control," man after he calmed down!

Phil prays with an "out of control," man after he calmed down!

Walty bringin the gospel- even on crutches!

Walty bringin the gospel- even on crutches!

As Walter began his evening of preaching what appeared to be  a sweet and harmless looking young lady, named Tara approached the question mic(looks are deceiving)!! Before Walter could even share 5 words about Jesus, the girl began sharing her strong yet strange convictions; regarding politics, morals and religion. Walter tried to reason with her in a calm and collective manner but she quickly tossed God’s standard out the door before hearing the full argument. However, because of Walter’s gentle actions she thanked him when all was said in done and said,”okay, I will at least think about all you said.” 




Walty preaching to the multitudes

Walty preaching to the multitudes Close out shot of the crowd before the night wrapped up.

As Walter conversed with Tara I spoke with her friend Amy. Amy was all

Wittnessing to a plesant young lady

Witnessing to a pleasant young lady

 about doing good for the sake of doing good. When I showed  her via scripture that God’s words shows us we are law breakers and not good people, she rejected that and her need for Jesus. It seemed she had been long waiting to vent to someone, so I simply listened to her. Through that I learned she was a huge history buff. Perfect! I could simply approach the gospel from historical means. I did just that and spoke to her about crucifixions and burials during the time of Jesus’ death. She was well aware that during Jesus’ time on earth, those who were crucified were tossed into a tomb shared with multiple, sometimes hundreds of bodies. However, both Matthew 27:60 and  John 19:41 discuss how Jesus was laid in a tomb where no one had yet been. Meaning, that when the guards looked into the tomb and did not find Jesus, it was not that his body was unrecognisable do to the number of other bodies. Rather, IT  WAS EMPTY! There was DIRT, and nothing more! He fulfilled scripture. Hopefully this served for a bit of food for thought for Amy.

Close out shot of the crowd before the night wrapped up.

Close out shot of the crowd, before the night wrapped up.

Ephrem and Eddie both spent the majority of their night deep in conversation with various sceptics. Eddie spoke to a man who simply did not find belief in God to be logical. Interestingly enough, Eddie is actually a philosophy major at ASU. He was therefore able to speak to the man from a logical and intellectual stand point. The man he spoke with entered the conversation with his mind made up, ready to bark back at anything Eddie had to say. He left the conversation open minded and actually asked Eddie for his contact, in order that they may continue ot conversation another time!:)

Eddie wittnessing

Eddie witnessing

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