Jesus is Lord of the Wine!

Evangie crew, as well  a few people we witnessed to on Mill Avenue

Evangie crew, as well a few people we witnessed to on Mill Avenue

When you were a child, you didn’t necessarily need that talk from your Mother or your kindergarten teacher about “lieing is bad,” did you? Your heart/conscience already told you it was wrong. It just didn’t feel right.  You didn’t need government authorities to tell you you couldn’t end someones life because you got upset or angry. However, at some point in our life( usually early on) we find a hole in the system. We realize we can do something that requires punishment and get away with it. You do not need a preacher or Christian to tell you the difference between right or wrong but perhaps you may need a reminder of God’s perfect standard. Our sin will find us out; don’t hide your sin from God. he is all knowing. Confess it to him, turn from that sin and allow Him to cleanse you. Be encouraged, while you were yet a sinner, Jesus Christ willingly laid his life down for you.

Jonathan shares testimony, with marijuana prop

Jonathan shares testimony, with marijuana prop

Jonathan began the night preaching  on Mill Avenue, with an interesting prop. While Jonathan told his testimony via mic, he held in his hand what looked like a  2

Group listening to Jonathan's testimony

Group listening to Jonathan's testimony

foot marijuana joint, made from paper(it wasn’t real! Just a prop). Through his testimony he spoke about how quite literally his sin was “found out.” He had been smoking pot on his Mothers roof and he dropped his pipe. The pipe slid down the roof landing in his mother’s laundry basket. Though he spoke about his family discovering his sin he had been hiding, he used this to illustrate an analogy of God  having clear evidence and knowledge of our sin. He continued on to speak about Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us on the cross.

Random man on Mill passes by us and shared his testimony of salvation on the question mic!

Random man on Mill passes by us and shared his testimony of salvation on the question mic!

David Barr spoke on the mic next. He spoke about Jesus’ first miracle(turning water into wine), which instantly caught the attention of a few Mill Avenue goers. “Jesus is fun?!” Someone shouted from the bus stop .I went over and gave three friends at the bus stop a book of John, to look on with, as David was preaching. “See I didn’t know that about Jesus…I thought that was a joke that he turned water into wine!” One of the people at the bus stop said to me. I encouraged them to keep the books of John and read it to find out who Jesus really was and the claims he made while he walked this earth. So if you were unaware that Jesus is Lord of the wine, now you know. But ask yourself today if he is truly Lord of your life? Below is an awesome clip of David preaching about our need for Jesus.  Check it out:)

Phil witnessing on Mill Avenue

Phil witnessing on Mill Avenue

Phil went up next reaching all the “gamers,” of Mill Ave, as he spoke about hitting the re-set button on a video game. He used this as an analogy to our lives. Sometimes, we know we have messed up badly and want to find the reset button. Impossible, you may think. But Jesus does offer us a second chance. Walter spoke , regarding a similar message. He spoke about dropping an attitude towards God and humbling oneself. “Perhaps you know some of God’s attributes, or a little something about Him…well tonight I invite you to come back to God.” He proceeded to go into what true repentance is and why we need to repent. He ended with  the message of the gospel and why we should surrender our lives to Jesus.

“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you;
he rises to show you compassion.
For the LORD is a God of justice.
Blessed are all who wait for him!”-Isaiah 30:18

Phil shares some bible verses on Mill Avenue

Phil shares some bible verses on Mill Avenue

Dante shares the gospel on Mill

Dante shares the gospel on Mill

We were excited to have our new evangelism friend, Dante, join us on Mill Avenue. Dante found out about the evangelism ministry by finding the blog online. He recently moved to Arizona and prayed he would be able to find a group of people to do evangelism with. :)  He did not waste any time while out on Friday;  he had many conversations about the gospel with individuals on Mill Avenue. We are thankful to have him join the team:)

Homeless man was thrilled after we gave him sandwitch and cake:)

Homeless man was thrilled after we gave him a sandwich and cake:)

Ephrem and I spent a portion of the night finding some homeless people to share the gospel with, and hand out sandwiches that we had made prior to going to Mill. We had an awesome time and were able to bless a few hungry people. :) My last conversation of the night was with a man who had a pretend “alter call,” via the question mic. He approached the mic, and pretended to be a Pastor of a church calling people forward, who wanted to know Jesus. Behind his sarcasm and humor there seemed to be something else going on, so I approached him. I asked him who he thought Jesus was. He basically said that he had been to church a few times with his parents but had never once read the bible. “Honestly, I want to believe, but I can’t believe simply because my parents told me too.” He said. I understood completely and directed him to the book of John. “Don’t take my word or anyone else about Jesus before you read it for yourself. See what the bible says.” I told him. I let him know that the book of John lays out a great foundation of who Jesus was. He genuinely agreed to read it and asked me several fundamental gospel questions that I was able to show him via scripture. He also agreed to attend Praxis church this upcoming week:)

Ephrem witnesses to homeless man:)

Ephrem witnesses to homeless man:)

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    Still doesn’t change the fact that some of the herbs that God has given you are dumb, dangerous, and illegal though.

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