Homeless woman has a simple request

Love was in the air, as usual as yet another random person proposed to a member of our evangie team.This time it was David Barr’s turn!  Not, only was she  immediately receptive to the gospel when the girls spoke to her, but then she immediately feel in love….apparently.

David Barr gets proposed to on Mill Avenue

David Barr gets proposed to on Mill Avenue

 Just after this I got into a conversation with a newly wed couple who admitted to being fully involved in Satanic worship.Though tempted to end the conversation there, something told me to stick to it. We began discussing morals, evidence of the bible, etc., Suddenly the man of the  couple began letting it all out. He began spitting out all the reasons why  “the God of the  bible was entirely unjust.”Fortunately for him, all the things he described were not true attributes of the  true  God of the bible. We were able to break down his misconceptions  and then finally he stopped talking and actually smiled. He shook our hands, thanked us for the clarification  and said he would certainly consider the claims we made.  God is Good:) 

David and Ephrem witness to a man after shining his shoes

David and Ephrem witness to a man after shining his shoes

We tried our luck at the free shoe shine gig again. Though we didn’t have hundreds lined up to get there shoes shined, the men who did accept the offer entered into  in debth  “Jesus conversations,” with us. Although I do not have any  radical conversion  stories through the shoe shinning,  most people left saying “hey that was pretty cool!” If nothing more we hope they remember why we served them.

The group talk to a man while he gets his shoes shined.

The group speak to a man while he gets his shoes shined.

Since we had a fairly large group out with us, we were able to spent a good portion of the night split up in groups of 2-3. We patrolled the streets looking for the opportunity to engage with some people.  Toward the end of the night, myself, Jacob and Jonathan went out and ran into a few homeless people, we had met several weeks back. There were three of them, and three of us so we were able to each engage with a specific person, adhering to their specific needs. The young lady I spoke with experienced a life of a lot of abuse in her past. Since praying for her a few months ago she said she believed she was able forgive the people who had committed the evils against her and seemed to feel overall more “free.

The young man, Jacob spoke to expressed that he believed in the claims of the bible, considered himself to be a Christian but knew he needed to get his life back on track. Jacob suggested Teen Challenge(a faith based solution for the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic) for him. Before leaving our new friends,  were able to all join hands and pray as a group. After we prayed I asked the young homeless woman what she would like to have if she could have anything. I hesitated to ask her because I feared I wouldn’t be able to give her that which she desired so greatly. Nonetheless, I felt as though I was suppose to ask her so I did. Her answer surprised me. “Of course we are homeless, but it’s crazy, we do seem to get food and the necessary commodities every single day. But, when I do get a job and get money the first thing I am going to buy is a notebook.” She said with a grin from ear to ear.

Sean administers some trivia questions with a group of teens

Sean administers some trivia questions with a group of teens

She went on to describe how she loved to write and showed me a sudoku book, in which she had wrote poems and stories in between the spaces of the games. We said our goodbyes and I made plans to  spend some time with her the following day. Before arriving on Mill the next day, I picked her up some simple groceries and a notebook. I wrote her a letter on the first page and her name boldly across the front of the book. As I approached her eyes lit up as she gave e a tight hug. She began proudly showing off her notebook to all her friends and reading them the short note I had wrote inside the notebook. 

Little did I know that as I was spending the day with her, Jonathan had driven past Mill and bought lunch for her other homeless friends. When I came back about 15 homeless people approached me describing how we were “cool,”in there book. Haha, “We just thought you guys were crazy, mean Christan people. But now we know Christians love us! I can’t believe you would want to just, hang out with us, that’s weird!” One man expressed. It was nice to set the record straight for what /who a Christian is and show them simple acts of God’s love. I was humbled by their thankfulness with something as simple as time and a notebook.  We plan to have continued contact with the young homeless people of Mill which ,may practically include spending time with them, bringing them groceries, having a bible study with them, etc.,

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    This is really awesome! And it moves my heart. I am proud of you all for your obedience to God. What an example and reminder. God Bless and love you all!

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