Dying to speak of Jesus!

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”-Hebrews 13:3

Last Friday Evening, we gathered at Tempe Life Church,in honor of the Persecuted Church. We met under the same circumstances that underground churches all over the world do; dim candle-lights,  hours of worshiping, reading the bible and praying. The difference was, we did not have to fear for our lives. We could serve God FREELY.


Over 100 million Christians around the world are meeting in secret places, worshiping in hiding and practicing their faith behind closed doors. If exposed they risk facing harsh torture and OFTEN times death. Christians in various Nations are displaces daily, do to their home’s being burned; all because of their profession of faith, in Jesus Christ. Pray that despite their chains and torture they would remember their HOPE in Christ, which is eternal. Pain and afflictions are simply momentary. Life with Christ in Heaven will be etneral  and it WILL NOT be accompanied with any sort of pain or sorrow. Pray  also for the persecutor’s, that they would have a miraculous change of heart and call upon Jesus to save them!

During our “underground church service,” we also learned of various people groups who have NEVR even heard of Jesus. It is estimated that over 2 BILLION people in the world have never heard of Jesus Christ. WOW, that number is staggering,  unfathnable, terrible.  We must pray according to Matthew 9 that the Lord send more laborers to share the gospel. WE MUST, continue to tell every one w know about JESUS.We must continue  to encourage others Christian’s to share their faith too. If you feel lead to go overseas to share Jesus, ESPECIALLY to a providence where they have never heard of Jesus, GO…seriously!!!

Our evening of “Underground Church,” humbled me so much. What does my faith in Jesus Christ cost me? What do I have to endure or sacrifice? I can recall too many times when I didn’t share my faith with someone, based on fear or pride.All while around the globe people would literally DIE to be able to freely speak about the Amazing Jesus Christ. Living in the U.S and freedom of speech is a privilege. May we never  take that for granted! Who will YOU speak  to about Jesus, today?!

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