Desire for change at Arizona State University


Arizona State University is another place we spend some time witnessing at. In general we go every Monday from about 3-6, so feel free to join us! As a recent graduate from ASU, I spent a good four years of my life surrounded by students that were constantly seeking ” the latest truth,” but only found themselves disappointed and discouraged when they were once again let down.” always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.”- 2 Tim 3:7, is a verse that constantly comes to mind while there. Originally from NY, I felt lead to Arizona five years ago for collage and God placed people in my life that were hungry to be changed and to see others transformed by Christ as well. We desire to see breakthrough and see people get saved by means of prayer, witnessing, preaching,meeting with students one to one, etc.,100_0680

There are several campus groups/ministries that share the same desires. “Love ASU,” is a prime example. Love ASU is a campus group composed of Christian’s that have a heart for their campus. Several times a year they have 40 consecutive days of 24hour prayer slots for the campus.

Ravi Zachrias (a christian apologist) recently came to speak at ASU’s campus.  It’s amazing to see God work through the power of prayer because 4 years ago ASU- the largest secular university in the Nation, would have NEVER allowed such an event to take place. If you are a Christian at ASU or any other university do not grow weary. Continue to pray and be a witness on our campus!

A few tips for Witnessing on a University campus – By Jono

  1. Find the free speech zones – Most campuses have designated free speech areas. Be sure to do your research and find these areas. Amplification is not allowed on campus but is allowed on public sidwalks. (see pic below)
  2. Use common sense – When we first started open airing on campus we went out guns blazin, preaching directly in front of coffee shops, classrooms, cafeterias, ect. Although in some circumstances this may be okay we learned it may not be the best witness to disrupt people for long periods of time in their studies or meal conversations. Keep it short or give yourself a respectful distance so you’re not right up in their grill.
  3. Look out for Intellectual diversions – If you’ve spent any time witnessing on a college campus you have probably spent hours wasted on pointless arguments. It’s good to answer honest questions but most of the time is just a diversion and a waste of time. This is no new news but just a reminder to stay on the law and the gospel.
  4. Tell people about God & the Gospel  – I can’t tell you how many people after hearing about the justice and holiness of God and then explained the love and forgiveness of God have said, “WOW ive never understood it like that, it makes sense now.”
  5. Don’t assume people know the true gospel – This is similar to the above question but still important because one way we begin a conversation is to ask students, “have you have ever understood the gospel” and most of them say no. Some people have never even heard the word gospel or the name Jesus. Crazy right? From there we say, “would you mind if I explained it to you.”


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