Put out a Help Wanted sign for Jesus

On Friday we decided to relocate from our standard Urban Outfitters corner and move a bit North toward the lake. We set up shop near Rula Bula at the clock tower. We felt like we had a lot of fire and zeal tonight but perhaps it was just the redbull, rockstar and monster pumping through our veins!

In the midst of Walter preaching, one of our atheist friends from the secular free thought society, became so angry to the point of cursing Walter out. As they begin discussing Science, DNA, etc., she called Walter ignorant, unaware that he is a nurse and entirely studied up on the topic of her choice. Props to Walter for remaining calm and responding with clarity and love. It is on the urbanevangelism youtube if you’d like to see, but warning the language is foul. Walter also spoke a lot about our need for a savior, describing that we ought to “put up a help wanted sign for Jesus!” It was both clever and biblical , check out the video:)

David was able to have a fairly long conversation with an agnostic named Ryan. Ryan was very open to the gospel and David had a chance to pray for him. At the same time Mia was speaking with Linda who was a friend of Ryan’s.  Linda described that she had been clean from drugs for 2 weeks and was focused on staying clean. Mia was able to share the gospel with her and speak about her personal experience regarding deliverance. Just as David was finishing up praying over Ryan, Mia and Linda began praying and Ryan actually went over and prayed with them!

Both Linda and Ryan had not been to Mill Avenue in over three years. Both Linda and Ryan had there first conversation on Mill with believers.God is all knowing and truly sets divine appointments!:)

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