Credit card gets stolen while at parade

I was looking for some festivals we could witness at and I came across one that was called “Ostrich Festival,” in chandler. “Ostriches!!! Coooool,” I thought, picturing a parade of floats with live ostriches and new born ostrich babies. Apparently I should have continued to read  the rest of the website because the closest thing they had at the festival to an ostrich was a candy ostrich egg. I guess it was just “in honor,” and to raise money for ostriches. Needless to say the event was a fun filled family event with about 700+ people.

I was amazed to see the last float featured in the parade was “The Door,” church. They held up signs witch displayed scripture and some catchy biblical messages. They preached the gospel via amplification as well. As soon as their float cleared out Jonathan got up on the mic as well. Assuming it was still part of the show, some people stuck around to listen. Missy and I were also able to distribute about 500 tracks. We made great use of our Spanish tracts as there were several Spanish speaking families. It was cool witnessing to a much different demographic of people then Mill avenue and ASU. Peoples minds in the least seemed to be provoked by the message we brought to them.

Little did we know that in the midst of our preaching our car was getting broken into, and my credit card and ID was getting stolen. Apparently someone didn’t like our message! Haha jk!  I quickly canceled my credit card before the person who didn’t like our message spent all my money and then some!  Check out the video featuring Jonathan’s message to the parade goers. :)

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