Woahh! 500 people at Joe’s BBQ…Let’s Preach!

Scotty  and Jonathan showed up to Joe’s BBQ on the day the restaurant was giving out free promotional meals. They expected to have a quiet afternoon with a couple of full bellys. However, when they saw the crowd of  500+ people, they decided it could potentially serve as  a great opportunity to preach. Luckily they had all the amplification, equipment, and tracts in the car. Evangelism tip # 76, always be prepared to preach no matter what you think your day will entail! The town of Gilbert wasn’t quite use to the whole mega phone gig; but luckily that worked in the teams favor. The audience was attentive, and let Jonathan deliver the gospel in its entirety. Oh, and after preaching the guys were still able to feast on some free food and  managed to meet  Joe himself! Check out the video!

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