Beer thrown on our megaphone!

Walter preaching to a few individuals.

Walter preaching to a few individuals, on Mill Ave.

While most of the evangelism team was slaking off, either away or taking a break for the Holiday Season, Walter continued to bring  his A game to preaching! Walter began the night of December 12th by preaching on 2 Cor 5:20-22. He spoke about how Christ became sin to cleanse us of our sin. Not long into his preaching a drunk gentleman decided he found that message to be downright offensive and SPIT on Walter! Confused as to what was so offensive Walter tried to continue, as a couple walked over to Walter enraged. The lady of the duo began yelling at Walter, becoming increasingly more and more angry. Unable to reason with the girl Walter asked the gentleman of the couple, why she was so angry. Unfortunately that immediately provoked the gentleman into defensive mode. ” I didn’t do anything wrong! Why are you looking at me? I have no part in this!” The man yelled.  Walter expressed to the man that while he didn’t know him or what made him mad, he simply wanted him to know Jesus.

It  seemed Walter was saying and doing everything right, yet apparently it just wasn’t his night!  The man he was dialoging with quickly grabbed the mic from him and throw it on the ground as hard as he could. Trying not to draw attention as there was a crowd, Walter picked up the mic and turned the other cheek, retaining his UFC skills. The man however grabbed the mic again tossing it to the ground as another man kicked the mic. As the evening  continued to get rowdy, Marcus and Justin showed up in the nick of time. Walter was happy because they represented protection if things continued in the way it was going. The three guys stayed a bit longer conversing with individuals in the crowd.  Finally, the night wrapped up as a drunk man  in the crowd through beer on the megaphone! Although Walter, Marcus and Justin may have had a bit of a rough night I definitely believe their actions and Christ-likeness in the midst of a bit of persecution resounded well with the  bi-standers. Thanks for being great witnesses guys!

Justin Bond wittnessing to a man on Mill Ave.

Justin Bond witnessing to a man on Mill Ave.

The following Friday Walter went to downtown Phoenix for the FIRST, First Friday of the year! Walter began the night by  preaching on Jesus as the Deliverer(Eph 2:4-6). He spoke regarding redemption from the stain sin has on our souls. Walter broke it down nicely for the crowd discussing how simply put sin is slavery and Jesus delivers us from sin(slavery).

A fairly large crowd of about 60+ people began  forming as a gentleman went up to ask Walter a question. He said something along the lines of “So, I am gay, does that mean I am going to Hell?” Walter explained to the man that without the blood of Jesus we are all judged and condemned(John 8:24).”The main question to ask yourself is do you want Jesus more then anything? More that your sexuality, drugs, possessions, whatever it may be?” Walter responded to the man and the crowd. He explained to the man that he ought to desire God more than he desires his lifestyle and false identity. Walter asked the man via mic if he would like to meet up to continue discussing the matter. The entire crowd seemed to silence in anticipation of the mans responce.  The man agreed and handed Walti a business card to call him. :)

Updates regarding this past Friday  will be posted soon:)

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