Art, bizarre beliefs and sweaters?

Art Fair Vendor playing some sort of a Didgeridoo!

If there is any confusion regarding who Jesus was, don’t fret…all confusion was cleared up the day of his birth. Even as an infant History described him as The Savior, The Messiah and The Lord!!!!

“The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!” Luke 2:11

Unfortunately the facts of Jesus were at best foggy, to those we spoke to at the Mill Ave Art fair. As we began approaching people to speak to them about Jesus we received many strange looks and negative feedback. Most everyone we spoke to were extremely set in their ways. We met those who believed Jesus was simply a “gentleman,”“ghost,” a “man with magical powers” and the most creative…a “fictional super hero.” When asked what they did believe we heard answers such as “being spiritual,” “Budism,” “Peace,”Scientology,” “Confucianism” and “yoga meditation to seek the spirits“(no I didn’t make that up!)  Conclusion: Many did not belive in the true Jesus. However, they certainly believed in there Christmas Sweaters lol. Seriously, every person was wearing some sort of a fluffy cat-Christmas tree-ornament sweater; but that’s neither here nor there…

Lovely waterfall gardens at the art fair.

While the sweaters and Jesus perceptions were undoubtedly humorous it was also quite sad.  Jesus was not simply a cool bro with a great attitude and  phycic powers… and he most certainly wasn’t a flying cartoon character! Jesus was God in the flesh who came to Earth for us. He came to this Earth with the  purpose of being a sacrifice. We have all broken God’s perfect standard( use the 10 commandments as a standard of God’s expectations) However, Jesus lived an absolutely perfect life. The life we could have never lived. Though he was tempted as we were he never broke God’s law. He never sinned. [Side Note: his own  death on a cross was prophesied hundreds of years before death by a cross even existed!!! Pretty, incredible, huh?] Furthermore, Jesus ultimately laid down his life as a perfect martyr, for the short comings and evil of the world. He then PROVED that he was who said he was(GOD) by defeating the grave! Yes, the rumors are true, Jesus rose from the dead and appearing to hundreds of eyewitnesses. Jesus’ tomb remains empty…where as the tombs of  Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and the Yoga God all remain occupied. Trust in Jesus! Turn from irrational thinking/belief systems and choose to serve the only one, true God…Jesus Christ the Messiah! Woo!

* Shout of to the lovely woman at the Festival who loved Jesus. Thank you for encouraging us, regarding the bible tracts and praying for us. You’re awesome!*

Jonathan and I heading to the Art Festival on the, "Evangie-Mobile."


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  1. Marissa Shaffer

    The Evangie-mobile is awesome – LOL!

  2. Emily

    Haha! Isnt it?! Gets up from point A to point B:)

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