To know Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord is better then anything in this world! At Urbanevangie, we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to tell others about Jesus. “Urbanevangie,” is a ministry at Tempe Life Church that focuses on hitting the streets and sharing Jesus with those who do not yet believe. This is done in a number of ways, such as campus outreach at Arizona State University or witnessing on Mill Avenue. Practically, when we go to a place such as Mill Avenue or ASU, we distribute gospel tracks with the hope of getting into conversation about Jesus. At times we also use amplification to discuss truth about Jesus and share personal testimonies.

Another form of evangelism that Urbanevangie does is “servant evangelism.” This is simply a way of serving our community to display a glimpse of God’s love.

For example, during a “dorms outreach,” we go door to door, in the ASU dorms, asking individuals if we may clean their bathrooms and take out their trash. When asked why we would possibly want to do their dirty work, we have an open door to talk about Jesus. We may tell them about the character of Jesus, regarding when he came to this earth he served…” therefore we also want to share God’s love in a practice way, by serving you today.”

Various types of evangelism opportunities happen each week at Tempe Life Church. Perhaps, you are interested, but just don’t know where to start? Not a problem, Tempe Life offers FREE evangelism training each month. To get involved in the next Evangelism Event or Outreach contact us today at To read various stories and testimonies of our evangelism adventures check out our evangie blog at

If you would like to join our street team please call 480-343-8864 or email