A Message of Hate? Or Love?

and i thought sign guys don't smile...

and i thought sign guys don't smile…

As I(Jonathan) was leaving an ASU game I once had a guy scream in my face, “You’re Lost, you’re going to HELL!!!!” He had a huge sign with a list of sins(liars, fornicators, Hip-Hoppers, feminists, dancers, ect.) and he would say this to as many people as he could. I thought to myself this guys is doing more harm then good. I’m sure we’ve all had a face to face encounter with a “Hell Fire/Sign Guy Street Preacher.”

Sign Guys come in all shapes and sizes. Their message mainly consists of judgments, insults and condemnation–with no clear explanation of the gospel. We call it a “condemnation without cause message.” (thanks to Steve at stonethepreacher.com, he was a big help in me understanding more about this issue) This is a problem because unbelievers who walk by have no idea why they should stop sinning, why God will judge them in Hell, and why Jesus died for them.

Turn or Burrrrnnnn!

Turn or Burrrrnnnn!

This is why we use the LAW when we preach. We include in that illustrations, stories, parables, or just common sense to break down the “whys” of christianity. Why did Jesus die? Why does God send people to Hell? Why should i stop sinning?

Also look out for sign ladies!

Also, look out for sign ladies!

Most sign guys are not very relational or approachable therefore the only way to get the message across is to hold a sign or scream insults at every passer-by in order to get attention. The bottom line is the gospel is offensive enough, therefore our presentation should be careful not to add to that. We must be loving, faithful, bold & creative witnesses and his is no easy job for a street preacher.

…P.S We do use signs! (Ex. see bellow)You can certainly use signs to your advantage. We use trivia signs to draw in a crowd, a 10 commandments sign for  people to look on with when we share the gospel, etc,. As long as you are approachable and your signs are not confusing or condemning, signs are a good thing:)

Jonathan preaching by all our signs.

Jonathan preaching by non hate signs

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6 Responses to A Message of Hate? Or Love?

  1. Dorae

    Jonathan, I was one of the girls that stopped by last Friday night to voice my concern regarding the delivery of the message that was being given. I’m glad that you took the time to explain the difference between the Urban Evangie ministry vs. a “Hell Fire/Sign Guy Street Preacher”. Out of everyone that I spoke to the other night, your approach to my concern was with an attitude of love and respect. Love for a fellow believer and respect in that instead of getting heated, you simply and very calmly stated your point and then asked me a question that sadly, I haven’t been asked in a very long time… “When was the last time you witnessed to someone?” The answer: far too long. Ever since then, God has been tightening his grip on my heart and convicting me to take the magnifying glass off of everyone else, and to use it on myself. As a Christian, I have an duty to show Christ’s love in all things, even if I am disagreeing with other belivers. I also have a duty to memorize God’s words, and in both areas I am neglectful. My point here is that the people who argued with me, and threw verses at me said nothing that I hadn’t heard before and they just fueled my fire. Whereas, the quietest, most loving response has resonated in my mind and heart and convicted me to examine what about myself really makes me a Christian. Ultimately what I”m trying to say is, it is VERY important to stress the idea of love specifically to unbelievers because that really is what everyone is looking for, even believers. Love is what will lead people to want to know more and then they can learn about all the ins and outs of God’s word and how truly awesome He is. Undeniably, the most incredible aspect of God is His love. God’s love and forgiveness is what should be emphasized the most when speaking with people who are searching for meaning and don’t know much, if anything, about Him. Just the few words you spoke to me have made such a difference, not necessarily because of WHAT you said, but HOW you said it. Thanks again, God bless you guys and I hope that you continue to share God’s love with everyone.

  2. dlcjonathan

    Dorae! wow! you made my day, thanks for taking the time to share that. :) What your basically saying is similar to what Aristotle said(and im going to paraphrase) It’s Important in persuasive speech to have truth(logos), passion(pathos), and sincerity/love & respect(ethos). The most important of these being ethos and unfortunately i feel the greatest one i lack in. Glad to see your pumped to begin sharing your faith more, let us know if there’s any way we can help.

    -It’s not about WHAT we know but WHO we know that can make an impact on others.

  3. Emily

    Dorae:) Thank you for your comment. Your said some good stuff about Jesus! Also, if you get a chance look at the post entitled “Jesus is Lord of the Wine.” You are in the picture! It is the one we took at the end of the night with everyone.

  4. James

    Well, using signs is definantly a good way to draw attention to yourself, no doubt.

  5. Brad

    That’s the beauty of America, the freedom of non-violent legal expression…those who oppose open air preaching, signs, tracts, etc… enjoy freedom but yet oppose it when it does not suit them. If you don’t like these things then move to China or some other communist country.

  6. Ashton Ramsey

    I would love to talk with you! I am casting a TV show and we are putting together a Mission Trip. We need girls who preach 18-30.

    Can you email me ramseycasting@gmail.com and I can tell you the details!



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