“The Lord is my Shepherd”-says Pagan Atheist?

Filled up on rockstar and deliciously nutritious beef jerkey,  we hit the streets ready to go strong.  Before we were even able to put out belongings down two local homeless atheist( Troll and Rain) ran up to us shouting, “If you are preachers, you better go home RIGHT NOW because we refuse to have you preach this crap on OUR TURF.” They expressed that they were pagans( Ha, I’ve never heard someone call them self a pagan before!) and would do anything they could to distract us, and get people away from our madness. As we began speaking with them they became progressively more and more livid. Ephrem saved the day as he swooped in and asked if he could take them to dinner. Upon their return, from dinner,  Rain told me that she was utterly impressed with Ephrem. Her and Troll teamed up on him, striving to do whatever it took to test and shake his faith. “But it just didn’t work! He’s our friend now!” She marveled.                                                                                           

Evangie crew with our athiest friends, Troll and Rain (left)

Evangie crew with our athiest friends, Troll and Rain (left).

David started the airwar out strong, reading from Acts 2. Walter tried a new flow, including half testimony, half gospel. He confessed how self righteous, arrogant, religious, etc., he had been in the past. Intrigued, people actually stopped to listen. As Mia shared some verses on the mic Troll,(the pagan atheist) went up requesting that she read various verses. She asked if he would like to read and he said yes. So get this… the man who claimed he would do anything and everything(at all costs) to stop us from preaching and specifically to stop us from discussing bible verses actually got on the mic and read Psalm 23. 

 Two visiting Nebraskans(Marshall and Tommy) came up to us, one claiming to be a Christian and the other claiming to believe some self made theories. After David, myself and some of the others spoke with them Tommy,(the one who claimed to be a Christian) pulled me aside and  confessed that through the conversation, he realised that he was not in fact a Christian. Like many of us  he spent most of his life going through the motions and living a lie. Hey, realizing  that is  a GREAT place to start, seriously! He said he had some serious thinking to do and was  concerned about his eternal destiny.   

Mia and David share Jesus with a local.
Mia and David share Jesus with a local.



 Marshall  cursed us all out…. but strolled back over within a half hour educating us on what seemed like astrology mixed with the 2012 theory…aka he was really drunk. Troll, approched us with his dog and Marshall inquired about the breed of the dog. Marshall, questioned his responce which apparently really offended Troll’s wife. Before we knew it the offense was taken to the next level and Troll began throwing punches. Instead of fighting back Marshall decided to settle their differences by means of dance.Yes, I am being serious!  Not looking a bit  phased by taking a hit he began preforming some Micheal Jackson moves. This only provoked Troll even further and fueled his anger. Marshall was hit again, and this time his moves featured the moon walk mixed with a bit of karate. Ephrem quickly intervened, after first assuring I was out of harms way. He jumped in and reasoned with the dancer and fighter. It seemed to work but at that point we called it a night as it was nearly 2am.

Marshall aka the karate, dancing fighter
Marshall aka the karate, dancing fighter


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3 Responses to “The Lord is my Shepherd”-says Pagan Atheist?

  1. sb

    i like the combination of karate dance and fighter with evangelism you dont get that with your typical evangelism blog

  2. Marcus

    We talked with Troll and Rain on Friday too. They were saying some really inconsistent things.
    God bless,

  3. Emily

    Hey Marcus. Yes, we realized that as well. Once we sort of broke down the intellect there was a lot of inconsistency in what they claimed to believe. Keep him in your prayers, because by the end of the night he was very open when we spoke with him.
    God Bless you guys as well.

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